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Want to Meet a Bigger Design Nerd Than You?

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Link to The Kickstarter Video Above Here: Engraving Nerd

Meet Nancy Sharon Collins: The Ultimate Engraving Nerd


Our friend Nancy Sharon Collin is the Ultimate Engraving Nerd — the nation’s most vocal and persistent advocate of the ancient art of engraving. Her recent book  The Complete Engraver will be in stores in September but is available for sale on Amazon today. It is an occasion to celebrate. So she is! With four-city book tour paid for with a modest but successful fundraising effort on KickstarterWay to go Nancy! Nancy needs more funds to expand her tour (Look, engravers, design book writers and teachers don’t have a lot of extra dough for travel, okay?). Pledge drive ends August 27.

The tour begins in Brooklyn this September 24 at the Powerhouse Arena; on October 12=13, she arrives in Chicago where she will show at the American Printing History Association; on October 21 Nancy takes the street car to the Hermann-Grima+Gallier Houses in her hometown, New Orleans, before traveling by Greyhound on 10-27 to  Millerton, NY to sign at Hunter Bee before the holidays.  (Contact Nancy at this email address for specific dates and times.)

While the letterpress gets a lot of ink, the fine art of engraving is the buzz at boutique and specialty print/design shops today. (See Neenah’s contribution The Beauty of Engraving). Why? It offers grace, subtlety and beauty. From the thinnest of lines, to deepest black, engraved printing is the mark of authenticity, tactility, uniqueness and surprise. Want to know more about the art and craft of fine engraving, Nancy and The Complete Engraver?

Adds Nancy, “So, what, you want free, too?! Here’s your free: download two FREE fonts both based on old engraver’s lettering styles: the JMC Engraver & Feldman Engraver typefaces. They were designed specifically for this project by Mr. Terrance Weinzierl of Monotype Imaging.” Go to this link for downloads: http://blog.fonts.com/2012/07/24/the-complete-engraver/. We love Nancy Sharon Collins — you will, too.

Two new fonts by Terrance Weinzier can be downloaded free.

Hey! What’s the Big Idea?

Want to learn more about engraving? Here are some links that will help.
The Beauty of Engraving by Neenah Paper
Down Load the free fonts, too.

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