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Reflections on a Really New Brand New

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Top Five Reasons Why Brand New was All New

Big Shout Out to Eric Ryan Anderson whose images grace this post.
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We salute our friends Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez whose co-produced 3rd annual Brand New Conference in NYC on September 7. Now that they are back have had a moment to reflect on the conference,  we asked them what were the top reasons why this Brand New was really new.

4. Because despite 2011 being the year where all speakers praised “storytelling”, Miles Newlyn burst the collective bubble in 2012 by saying “Stories have an end, and unless you want to think of your brand as having an end, then forget the storytelling idea.”

3. Because Simon Manchipp proved that a Keynote presentation replete of animated GIFs of cats and mice playing in a band can be one of the most mature deliveries for a design firm’s work and mantra.

2. Because Aaron Draplin demonstrated why a five- or six-figure logo project is not as important as a freebie for a friend’s hot dog cart and because he urges everyone to get out there and experience big, scary America.

1. Because Massimo Vignelli, at 81 years old, can still enthrall an audience with his wit, passion, and knowledge — and despite him still not getting his dream job of redesigning the Vatican, “the logo (the cross) is fine, everything else must go.”

From the Under Consideration Website:
“We have a few copies left of the very nicely designed printed, if I may say so myself, programs and posters of the 2012 Brand New Conference. For those that didn’t attend, don’t think of these as a keepsake of a conference you didn’t go to: the 48-page program is a very generously sized semi-portfolio of eight of the most interesting designers and design firms; and if you like bits and pieces of famous logos, the poster has hundreds of them letterpressed unto Red Pepper, the juiciest red paper we could find in Neenah’s inventory.”
For more information on how to order these fine printed materials, go to Under Consideration


Hey!? What’s the Big Idea?!

Great design ideas need great printing and paper choices to come alive. Here is what Armin and Bryony used for their Brand New materials.

Print Credits:
Program body: Newspaper Club.
Program cover and binding: Henry+Co of Atlanta

Program body: Newsprint

Program cover:  Neenah Paper EAMES™ Furniture Cover / Kaleidoscope Purple / 80C

Poster:   Neenah Paper CLASSIC CREST® Double Thick Cover / Red Pepper / 130 DTC / Eggshell