How Do You Clean a Paper Dress?

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Little Haley  in the Bespoke Astrobrights® Paper Dress 

Hand Wash Only.

Pictured L to R: Prism Design’s Susan Reeves, Stacy Fox (project designer),
Robin Parrish, Terry Teutsch (dad of Haley).

{By Stacy Fox of Prism Design in Houston. Prism was  a Top Ten Finisher in the Neenah Classic Car Contest.}  We enjoy getting to design with fun paper stocks, so we grabbed our favorite swatch books and spread them out on our conference table. Then piled up some unique printing samples for inspiration. We wanted to create a set of notecards as a gift to clients and friends that related to “what we do at PRISM”…VISUALIZE.


We also wanted to try out laser cutting. Our initial idea was to laser cut the word VISUALIZE on a rich brown paper sleeve to house a set of four notecards. However, once we got started we loved the sleeve idea so much we decided each card needed it’s own “personal sleeve”. Patterns are another daily inspiration of ours and something we wanted to dive into more with this project.

After lots of sketches, combinations and word plays we focused on four additional “IZE” words: MODERNIZE, GLOBALIZE, FERTILIZE, and SOCIALIZE. Our objective was to design four patterns that were complimentary to each IZE word. Each design would peek through it’s corresponding sleeves and create a unique gift set.

Each set was wrapped in an outer custom mailing envelope, a Prism Design, Inc. VISUALIZE label, plus an intro note that expressed: “Write a note, say hello, touch base, give thanks, share news – just because”.

We think it’s an uncommonly nice way to communicate.

Hey?! What’s the Big Idea?

Here are the specs Prism Design this fully realized promotion:

Neenah Paper CLASSIC CREST® Cover, Canyon Brown, 80C, Smooth finish for the laser-cut sleeves, and Neenah Paper CLASSIC CREST® Text, Classic Natural White, 100T, Stipple finish on the pattern cards.

To see all of members of the Perfect 10 and the Grand Prize winner in Neenah’s Classic Car Contest visit:http://www.neenahpaper.com/InspiredDesign/CLASSICCarWinners



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    Susan Reeves said:

    Thank you for the nice post Neenah. We love your papers!