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Should Your Fall Wedding Paper Reflect Your Style?

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Your Wedding. Your Style. Your Choice.

(By Abbey Fowler of 6.25 Paper Studio, Grand Rapids, Michigan)  — As summer turns to autumn, Old New Borrowed Blue turns to focus on the invitation set itself.

As a professional designer and stationer, I have a stake in where clients go to find their wedding stationery, and here is what I continue to advise them:  No matter what your budget, do not shop for quality wedding stationery at hobby, craft or scrap booking supply stores. It will leave you wanting. While these kinds of retailers have a lot to offer for scrap-booking and crafting, they do not offer the resources needed to make your stationery set personal and practical.  Let me explain…

Yes, it is.

The core of any wedding stationary  is the invitation set. As a custom stationery designer, I find couples who seek “DIY” invites in a box at a craft store do not find satisfaction. The same goes for those who let their crafty, fussy, paint-by-numbers sister or aunt design and assemble their invites. Aunt Hildegard might mean well, but doilies over pink construction paper is not the solution. Remember:  this is YOUR DAY, YOUR WEDDING, YOUR PERSONALITY… find an invitation that is a reflection of YOU.

First, start by finding a  flexible stationer who can help you create the perfect blend of creative design and materials that leads to an invite perfect for you.  A good stationer can suggest appropriate paper materials and suppliers to help minimize assembly costs whether you are designing and finishing your own invites or asking them for partial help. But how do you know what to ask for? Don’t worry about it: a good stationer will ask you.

Stationers are often designers who are trained problem solvers — they can ask you questions about your lifestyle and wedding plans that will lead to the right choices in stationery and invitations. She can advise on materials, DIY assembly options, and, of paramount importance, selecting the right high-quality paper materials that suits your plans, style and budget. Put your stationer to work!

Second, paper matters. Did you know that many  paper materials are created strictly just for wedding invitation sets? But it is unlikely that you will not find such paper vendors at  hobby or scrap-booking stores where paper selections are mostly limited to few weight, textures, colors and makes and sell for about 60-cents each. In comparison, a stationer can provide five swatch books with hundreds of color options at $18 for a pack of 50. Great value, right?


Finally, enjoy! You can have your wedding cake and eat it too. You can get design and style that match your taste and preferences. You can find flexibility and costs that suit your budget. You  will find tips and design ideas that save money. Sound like a great way to start a long marriage? You bet.

Below are some suggested suppliers to ask for when working with a stationer. Granted all designers have their favorites and may have better suggestions based on what the couple is envisioning. Please note, stationers will have swatch books for that allow you to touch and feel the papers and see the colors in person. Leave nothing to guess. Ask and get answers. See and choose real colors on real paper. Touch and feel real textures and weights. Use on line samples as guides—then get the real thing.

Hey?!  What’s the Big Idea?!

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