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Design Camp: Heads of State Imaginary Business Cards

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(In case you’re wondering – I drew this squirrel to signify the last day of AIGA Minnesota‘s Design Camp simply because these pesky little critters literally over-ran our campgrounds this weekend. And they’re just friggin’ cute.)

Well, as that incredibly observant person once said – “All good things must come to an end.” And Design camp was definitely a “good thing“…

The last morning of camp found me sitting on a leather sofa in The Grand View Lodge, gazing at a decapitated moose, a roaring fire – and trying to finish my blog recap from the day before. (While I typed away and sipped fresh Caribou coffee, I was delighted to listen to the lady working at the front desk. She brought such optimism and cheer to each and every interaction with her customers – I just thought someone should say it!)

After finishing my blog post – I scurried off to see my new friends Jason and Dusty (from the sensational design duo “The Heads of State“) give an absolutely spell-binding presentation on their phenomenally iconic body of work. Their presentation encompassed a wide range of pieces– including Obama administration illustrations, a Johnny Mathis album cover and even conceptual cannabis packaging.

Probably my favorite part of their talk, was when they shared an awesome creative practice of theirs. Each designer takes a week off every other month, and dedicates it to learning something new or starting a personal creative project. They showed some of the projects that emerged from these little vacations – travel posters for major internationl cities, imaginary business cards for the characters in The Great Gatsby. Outstanding stuff, really…

After their closing session, everyone wandered around aimlessly. Sad, confused, lonely and depressed. (Actually we were all incredibly inspired – just very exhausted!)

Don’t want to spoil everything but – if any of you #designcampers wanted to know who the infamous #flannelfanny and #camperken… this might be them.

Next began the 4 hour trek from camp, to Kim’s house in Lakeview. But, before we got too far, we had to stop and grab a burger. All that talk of meat was making us hungry!

Looks like I accidentally took a screenshot of my iPhone while driving! Well – I guess it gives me an opportunity to put in a positive plug for Apple’s new map app: it got me to Minnesota and back with absolutely no issues. (My wife thanks you, Apple!) At 11:30pm I finally pulled into my Omaha driveway. Home sweet home…


Needless to say, Design Camp 2012 was an absolutely awesome experience. I’m deeply grateful to both Neenah and 36point for giving me the opportunity to represent them to so many incredible designers and thinkers. I also send huge props to AIGA Minnesota for putting on an outstanding event!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year…

Ben Lueders

P.S: And as Jason and Dusty said…

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