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Feel the Oncoming Holiday Rush? Scary, Right?

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One Down. Two to Go.

Ever drive by an especially charming Halloween tableu and notice Tom Turkey peeking over the Great Pumpkin’s shoulder? Even better — have you witnessed Santa Claus peeking over Tom’s shoulder?  Don’t laugh. It happens. Americans love their seasonal tableaux.  And today is All Souls/Saint’s’ Day where good Roman Catholics visit the grave-sites of their ancestors. Sugar skulls for everyone! So put away those spooky things and break out the Horn O’Plenty and silver tinsel! The starting gun for Thanksgiving and Christmas has sounded!

What does this have to do with paper? EVERYTHING. Though we grouse, most people love the holidays and cannot wait for them to get started. This year we look foward to seeing more holiday card designs, many on sale at ETSY stores or through on line stores of the featured designers. They must be printed on any Neenah Paper sheets. They must be in good taste. Contributor/Curator/Head Elf Donovan Beery says, “SEND US YOUR  HOLIDAY CARDS DESIGN ASAP! Hurry! Hurry! Get a move on! It is a rush!!! Do it now, NOW, NOW!!” (email:  donovan@eleven19.com). 

Oh what fun! We will taste holiday cooking and meal planning tips from Bryn Mooth  off her terrific blog, writes4food. We will unwrap great ideas in paper for seasonal wedddings courtesy of our Grand Rapids paper expert and designer Abbey Fowler of Old New Borrowed Blue. We will feature a story or two on AIGA’s Design for Good initiative to demonstrate the true spirit of the season and we will light up a great new promotion on Environment Paper by Chen Design Associates, scheduled for release in a few weeks. Patience!

Now, if you happen to capture that rare image of Santa’s Ginger Bread Elves peeking behind Thomas Turkey  peeking behind Jack-O-Lantern’s noggin, send it in. Your image will get a special post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving, pre-pre-Christmas blog and tweet shout.  We promise to make all sent images evident on the blog. The best among them might even get a set of Valentines Card and a box of homemade holiday potato chip cookies (recipe from Bryn’s blog!) from yours truly, Mister Editor. Paper, paper, paper — goes great, great, great with the Holidays!

Behind the scenes with Electric China Jack, the Fall Harvest Couple and the Gingerbread Elf thing.

We love this stuff! Keep those holiday card and gift ideas coming. We’ll share them on this blog.