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(Un)Block Your Creative Power with ENVIRONMENT®

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Go to their website. There is no weighty declaration mission. No exposition of accomplishments. No peons to saving the planet. No, Chen Design Associates (CDA) in San Francisco just shows you the work and lets you draw your own conclusions. “It’s all about the finished product,” says Josh Chen, creative leader of the company. “But before you get there, you have to have a plan, a roadmap that will lead there. And that is where imagination, ingenuity and innovation come into play.”

CDA takes Neenah Paper fans on an exhilarating journey with this latest promotion on ENVIRONMENT® Papers conclusively demonstrating how your choices in paper and maker can introduce you to enticing new possibilities. The four-part tool kit comes as one softbound unit inside an ENVIRONMENT® Double Thick Cover PC 100.

After you unwrap the kit, you must (literally) pull apart the whole to liberate the four component parts. “This is a physical manifestation of ‘breaking through, breaking apart’ the creative blocks that we as designers face more and more in our work,” says Josh Chen

“The imagination may be limitless. But converting vision into reality is limited by the options you have and the choices you make. ENVIRONMENT® Papers widens your options and Neenah provides the tools,” he says. “As we see it, there are four overarching phases in creative process — Study, Play, Connect, and Make — and within each an array of options. The phases may follow 1-2-3-4 or 3-1-2-4 or 2-1-3-4 and so forth. MAKE tends to be the last leg of the journey, especially for print projects, but even there we’re seeing more iterations due to the influence of digital projects, where iteration is the norm.”

In STUDY you can calculate environmental impact options by using Neenah’s EnviroCalculator. In PLAY you can employ a wide variety of delightful exercises and thought processes to break through the muddle, from having a glass of wine to making ‘deliberate’ mistakes. CONNECT deals creating ideas that “connect” with the end-user and selling your Big Ideas to client. Adds Josh Chen, “The more options and tools you have, the more likely your finished product will be a fine balance of practical value and intellectual inspiration.”

Chen knows a lot about translating creative vision into “tangible awesomeness.” CDA is at forefront of American design both as practitioners and advocates for keeping the human element in visual communication (see the Fingerprint books #1 and #2).  They were early adopters of sustainable practices in communication, including being early users of ENVIRONMENT® Papers. CDA’s work for Fort Mason Center, People’s Harvest, Twofish Baking Company, Stanford Lively Arts and The North Face are testimony to their success in translating vision into reality.


Hey!? What’s the Big IdeaCreative (un)Blocks from  ENVIRONMENT® Papers promotion is now available through your local paper merchant or by visiting Neenah Paper on line while supplies last. To appreciate it is to hold it, view it, and work it. If you can conceive of a new combination of color, texture, weight, ink or composition or you have a new idea to share, email or tweet us about it. We love to be challenged.

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