Happy Holidays and New Years – On Neenah Paper (of Course)!

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We may have started this holiday season by looking at cards with pumpkins and bats, and moved on to trees and holly, but as 2013 approaches, it slowly starts to become all about the new year.

From Aldine Printing, we have a couple of gems that show some wonderful specialty printing, something that has already inspired me for the next project I want to work on…


Printed for The Aesthete, using Neenah Classic Crest® Epic Black Eggshell 130# cover, then foil stamped with gloss black and white. The back side uses Neenah Classic Crest® Epic Black Eggshell 130# cover, foil stamped with gloss black. The front and back are mounted, and the edges are painted with fluorescent green Pantone®. Sounds like someone knows how to print for the holidays.

And printed for LCH.Clearnet Group on Neenah Classic Crest® Avalanche White Eggshell 130# cover comes this card that feels both over- and understated at the same time. Foil stamped silver and offset on cover, and 2 color offset inside.

Gnome Stationery Set

And for those looking to already move on to warmer weather days (and being almost snowed in today makes me one of them), get ready to take notes with a fun lawn gnome available via Etsy.

Gnome Stationery Set by May Beltran (Etsy store : earthtogirl) printed on Neenah Classic Crest® Paper

Letterpress Calendar

But I jump ahead of myself, there are months before we’ll be ready for that. In the mean time, it’s time to start counting the days – and no calendars are better than those that are letterpressed, right? Are we really this close to the New Year?

This wonderful Fruit and Flora Letterpress 2013 Wall Calendar by idea chic is printed on 110 cover weight Crane’s Lettra® cotton paper.

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    Thanks for including our Fruit and Flora Letterpress calendar on this post with such a great collection of work. We love Neenah Paper!

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