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Old School, New Tricks? Enroll Now!

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“Package U” from International Paperbox

On its website landing page International Paperbox of Salt Lake makes a big promise: “If you can imagine it, we will 
create it.” Well, what they needed was a way to make that promise into reality. They’ve done it with this new showcase of its capabilities and a vehicle for young designers to learn about the extraordinary new options available to them in packaging. What’s more, they wrapped the entire tool kit inside a captivating package and named it Package University.

When complete, “Package U” will be a six-volume set of packaging instruction tools and guides, printed on Neenah Paper and created by Think Tank Creative Consortium of Salt Lake City.  Says Patrick Youngblood, director of marketing at International Paperbox, “We pushed our agency to be über creative, to create something that provided not only practical education but one that provided a creative spark that would excite designers to challenge us to bring bold ideas to life.”

“It’s all designed to inspire and jump-start your projects.  We realize that there is always more to learn.  Our hope is that each volume provides young designers a starting location for their packaging projects and provides just enough education to take them where they desire to go.”

Each of the six volumes features a specific package design practice. Volume One speaks to Box Structure, an obvious starting point, says Youngblood, “because a designer must first know what shape will define his or her project — how it will fold, etc. Structural design precedes graphic design.” The other five volumes will be ready by late summer 2013 but their contents will remain a surprise.

“We don’t want to give away too much too soon. We will say that Volume Two is more focused on inks and specific ways they can impress. All provide necessary tools make doing business with us easy, effective and engaging.”


The company will produce 2,500 copies of each volume and offer them free of charge to customers, prospects and targets.  If you’re looking for your own “Pack U” pieces, contact International Paperbox via its website, direct phone line, or via any of the social media platforms.  “Please bear in mind that we are offering these pieces on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.  When they’re gone … they’re gone!”

That’s a smart strategy. Package U is a smart execution. International Paperbox is practicing what it preaches.


Hey?! What’s the Big Idea!?
Package University Volume One uses CLASSIC® Crest Epic Black and Avalanche White Stipple, as well as Solar Yellow Astrobright with a different Astrobright to match the “highlighter” color used in the promotion. The detail of the finishes – such as foils, embossing, etc. from Trade Engraving is first rate.  Each sample includes a QR code referencing out site. By going to the site, users can download a digital version of the die line being used. “This is a powerful tool and great benefit to our customers,” says Patrick Youngblood. “We allowed Think Tank Creative Consortium’s design team go nuts on this project.  Neenah papers were a must from the get-go and Think Tank believed Astrobright would make a bold statement, allowing each volume to stand out.”