Celebrating Eleven Years with Paper Dolls

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At the 2009 HOW Conference in Austin, I got some of the best design and business advice from Terry Marks. It was simple – during a recession, the companies that carry on with marketing come out of it faster, and do much better afterwards. Carry on.

So I did what made sense. I printed more collateral (we didn’t print a lot to begin with, so it wasn’t that hard). I made my yearly mailings go up in scope, and so far, so good. Going against the grain (pun intended here?) makes them stand out more. I mean, when do you get a poster in the mail to advertise an open house anymore? We did it last year to celebrate 10 years. But an eleven year anniversary party for Eleven19? This needed us to take our game up to, well, I guess eleven.

So Ben Lueders and I started planning back in August of what we needed to send out. We actually came up with the idea we by-passed the year before. Let’s do paper dolls.

Ben started drawing the Eleven19 team. And then he started drawing stuff we like. Then he started drawing things we may or may not wear. Then I did some design work around the dolls.

We actually had all of these shirt designs printed this year.

I’m so glad Field Paper kept their paper spec rep (official title is Specifications Consultant). Right as the project was wrapping up, Megan stopped by with paper samples. We knew we were using white paper. We knew we wanted to print it on Neenah Paper, but that was it. I never noticed the Stipple texture, but she knew it fit what we wanted, and we trusted her.

The back panel was really just an invitation to stop by the Eleven19 office for cookies and beer.

Now that our open house is over, I guess it means we need to start planning for year twelve…

I’m happy that my two pugs made the final cut. Life is not the same without Homer Jay and Johnny Carl around.

In another galaxy, I’m pretty sure Ben is Han Solo.

The minute after Marc Butterfield told us that he wore a tutu for one of his kid’s dance recitals (in a part basically created to get the kids to laugh at their dads), he had to know we were going to put it on a paper doll, right?

Hey?!  What’s the Big Idea!?!
Eleven19 Paper Dolls
Design: Donovan Beery
Illustration: Ben Lueders
Paper: CLASSIC CREST® Cover, Stipple, Solar White, 100C
Colors: 5/1 (CMYK + Pantone 876 / Pantone 876)
Printing: GTI
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    I did a facebook post about a job I did many years ago with paper dolls. Glad to see it is still a desired concept. SO much fun!

  2. 03

    Terry, those are super fun. We’ve been amazed at how many people tell us they actually cut them out (actually, they say their kids make them cut them out). Also amazed at how many kids had never seen paper dolls before…

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    Neenah Paper said:

    I would like to see some wig options for Donovan next time. Really. Fondly, Matthew Porter

  4. 03

    One day I’ll get Ben to draw an accessory pack… until then, I’m stuck sans wig.