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Nancy Sharon Collins’ Type Nerd Road Show

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Think You’re Alone Print Nerd?

 No: Nancy’s Many Kindred Spirits


“Here I am, Nancy Sharon Collins, pictured above, patiently waiting for fans at a bookstore in New Orleans.

All photos by me, and I am not a professional photographer — so be nice.”

{Text by Nancy} In the fall of 2012 I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and greeting oodles of newly minted engraving enthusiasts, starting in the East Coast. This wildly successful engraving outreach project (disguise as a book tour for The Complete Engraver, its been covered in the New York Times!) is an ongoing endeavor to spread the word about the age-old art and craft, engraving, for reproducing pictures and words on paper.


1 Dumbo in Brooklyn

First up Dumbo (Brooklyn), Powerhouse books (pictured above, the scene of the crime). The house was packed with engraving nerds trying their hands at drawing monograms and using the burin (engraving tool).

2  Upstate New York

Next stop Hudson, NY at Tim Dunleavy’s Rural Residence, where locals and NYC weekenders tippled, munched and talked about engraved stationery. Then Kent Hunter and Jonathan Bee’s Hunter Bee in Millerton, NY, talking design, typography, antiques and engraving.  (Photo below, invite to the event and super website promotion by local fans.)


3 Chicago

October was the windy-city at American Printing History Conference in Chicago where I presented engraving with fellow type nerds Terrance Weinzierl and Steve Matteson, creators of the FREE engraving fonts from Monotype. (The fonts made Stephen Cole’s honorable mention list!) 4 Washington DC 2012 holiday season was spent in the D.C. area where lively graphics and print history buffs, SHAG, hosted an engraving workshop at the historic Homewood Museum on the Johns Hopkins campus, where we made monograms, cut copper, and chatted about all things engraved. SHAG’s Richard Stanley and MICA’s (and Cooper-Hewitt’s) own Ellen Lupton graciously hosted my Baltimore visit. (Pictured below, engraving fans line up for prize drawing; an image demonstrating the difference between copper and wood engraving.



5  Gulf Coast

Then four stops in New Orleans: the historic French Quarter Hermann-Grima House, and Garden District Books. In November at Loyola University New Orleans, Cordell Louviere and I gave an engraving-printing demo, and a focused talk to AIGA New Orleanians discussing how an engraving book came to be. Photos Hermann-Grimma House event and demo at Loyola University and the engraved invitation.)




6   Heading West

Soon, more outreach in search of new engraving friends (crossing the Mississippi now): Saturday, 3/30 at Vromans Bookstore in Pasadena, International Printing Museum 4/13, TypeCon 2013 Seattle, WA, and 7/25 Title Case, Jessica Hische and Erik Marinovich’s Studio. (Photo below, Nancy and Brian Hart at TypeCon last year).



Hey!? What’s the Big Idea!?

Neenah Paper is an active supporter of the craft and art of  fine printing. We are part of a number of national initiatives such as The Beauty of Engraving project we launched last year with the help of Two Paper Dolls. Look for the Engraving for Nerds Kickstarter Project II, the West Coast Tour. Pledge a little, get alot:

  • FREE 2 new engravers fonts by Terrance Weinzierl, Monotype
  • Get Jessica Hische’s new font, Minot
  • Be a member of the VIP team for the engraving day at the International Printing History Museum in Carson, CA
  • Beta test and be the first 5 to get the new engraving app.
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    […] In 2004, she turned south towards New Orleans, where she now graphic design history at Loyola University New Orleans, serves as AIGA New Orleans’ special projects director, and writes about what she loves: engraving, design and the artifacts of how we all get along. Her book, The Complete Engraver, was published by Princeton Architectural Press last fall, “Engraver, communicator of content” by Mrs. Collins was just published in Book 2.0 Volume 2/Issue 2, and articles she has penned appear in AIGA Design Envy, Voice here, here and here, Mohawk Fine Paper’s Felt & Wire and Neenah Paper’s Against the Grain. […]