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A Love Letter to Printing and NYC

Written by in Inspire

I love specialty printing, but rarely get to do any of it myself. However, getting specialty printing promotions in the mail is always a good day. Especially when I think they are well designed – and not, “Look What All We Can Do!!!!” – but actual good design.

So I was taken back by these little cards from Aldine Printing (they also printed two of the holiday cards we featured on this blog last year).


Engraving, Letterpress, embossing, foil stamping, thermography AND offset? All on one sheet and still with an understated look? Well, as understated as you can get with all that I assume. I’m going to hang this on my fridge and use it as a checklist (I think I’ve used all of these techniques at one time or another over the past fifteen years – wait, engraving? Yeah, I think I have yet to check off that one. Also, not sure if I want to admit that thermography project, better find a better one before I check there.)


Hey!?! What’s the Big Idea?!!

Six different printing techniques on one sheet of CLASSIC CREST®  Cover, Eggshell, Avalanche White, 130C ?!?!

Sure, why not?

But, as great as the photos look, it’s always a little better to the touch on paper. Touch and feel Neenah Paper.

[design by Carlton DeWoody]

They also made a short film with Alexander Dynan of ACTA Film of the process involved. Slow-motion hi-def printing machines? Sounds like the best four minute video of the day!

Aldine – A Love Letter to Printing and NYC from Lee Zuniss on Vimeo.