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What Moves You? This Video Oughta…

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New Design Army CLASSIC® Paper

Designed to Help You Get Your Creative Groove On.

The CLASSIC® Paper’s refresh with its Perfect 10 color theme and two new finishes is a smash hit. Now, multiple print promotions later it’s time to engage designers and celebrate the marrying of paper with other parts of the media mix. This new creative experiment is totally fresh and unexpected but the results are perfect and detailed. Design Army continues to delight when working with these six finishes. Conceived by, art directed by and produced by Design Army. Film director is Dean Alexander. See extensive list of credits below.

For Neenah it’s exciting to have brands which express creativity choices in so many ways. By producing a second video on the CLASSIC’S, one educational and now one socially engaging we get to entertain, in a new dimension, the joy of paper. Here almost all set designed objects are built from these papers. Enjoy and ask yourself “What Moves You”


With a giant paper “N” head, bangin’ Neenah paper headphones
and a snazzy tux, DJ Neenah is unlike any other paper party DJ. 


Fast cuts to the dancers having fun and
getting cheeky with the camera.


The graphics also build as DJ Neenah takes the party to it’s crescendo. 


The big finale dance pops off with the dancers
rocking Neenah “N”s and their best moves. 
Neenah Paper Used 
Neenah N Head (DJ Neenah): 
Neenah 100C Stipple Avalanche White 
DJ Neenah Headphones: 
Neenah 100C Stipple Red Pepper 
Neenah 100C Stipple Patriot Blue 
Record Labels: 
Neenah 130C Stipple Avalanche White w/ digital printing 
Polka dots for the set: 
Neenah 100C Stipple Epic Black 
Adobe software used: 
Adobe Photoshop CS6 
Adobe Illustrator CS6 
Adobe Bridge CS6 
Adobe Indesign CS6 
Adobe AfterEffects CS6 
Video Credits: 
Creative Directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure 
Director: Dean Alexander 
Designers: Matt Chase, Jaime Lopez, Eileen Tjan, Charlene Spentzis 
Sr. Art Director: Tom Wright (Neenah Paper) 
CLASSIC® Brand Manager: Kathy Kemps (Neenah Paper) 
Creative Assistant: Leah Appel 
Motion Graphics: Joe Donaldson 
Paper Craft: Victor Uhal 
Choreographer/Dancer: Filip Lacina 
Dancers: Aglae Kounkou, Joy Pantopoulos 
Editor: David Grossbach 
Gaffer: Matthew Yake 
Grip: Jon-Michael Moses 
Digital Tech: Rashid Belt 
Stylist: Michel Onofrio 
Stylist Assist: Polly Spadavecchia 
Hair/Make-up: Janice Kinigopoulos 
Manicurist: Pasqua Kramer