Special Printer Turns to Special Needs Workers

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5Ws With Fey Printing

Each month we offer the 5ws column to bring focus to suppliers, printers, specialty finishers and clients whose products, performance and community involvement deserve inspection and commendation.  This month, the work of Fey Printing is our subject.

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Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids, WI  (
Scott Gasch, president

For 40+ years Fey Printing has partnered with the non-profit Opportunity Development Centers (ODC) for assembly work. ODC, founded in 1965, delivers manufacturing and service solutions to businesses, while creating meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, both mental and physical. They draw from a pool of 529 employees, who typically work 9am – 3pm, depending on workload. Last year, Fey attributed 14,500 hours of labor for ODC employees with various disabilities.


Every year, every month, Fey Printing creates the lion’s share of Neenah’s swatchbooks. While a typical run might be 20,000, quantity for various mills can be anything between 10,000 and 100,000. Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids was founded in 1932, and has remained locally owned and independent since then. Because they are located in central Wisconsin, a region that is home to many paper mills, they have a lot of experience printing swatchbooks and other paper promotions.

Fey gets dependable assembly work without having to give up space in their plant while contributing work to a center that employs those who might not have the same employment options as everyone else. Printed parts are delivered to the ODC for the handwork, which can include folding, gluing, stapling and other bindery processes, and picked up when finished.


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    Steve Sikora said:

    Scott, you and everyone at Fey are just awesome! I have always felt that way and always will.

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    Steve Sikora said:

    Kudos also to Neenah Paper for supporting Fey Printing. Your continued relationship is a testament to the extraordinary quality standard that Fey maintains.