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A trip through the convention space at HOW.

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The convention space at HOW Design Live sets it apart from any of the other design conferences I have attended.

Not only in the number of vendors showing their wares (and there are many), but in the amount of time and effort the vendors put into their promotions.

Matt’s been doing a great job on this site highlighting all of the limited-edition Neenah posters that are being given away (read about Ron Chan’s here). And boy – they are limited. Only 100 of each, and all are signed by the artist over the next two days. They will be going fast.


New Riders booth has a few hot of the press copies of the latest book from Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady, Design Currency: Understand, Define, and Promote the Value of Your Design Work. This couple is great at tackling the type of stuff we all talk about wanted to do more of, but never know where to start (information, research, explaining value to our customers, etc.).


It’s not a conference without a bunch of talented people running around. Designers Jeff Fisher and Justin Ahrens stop by the main Neenah Paper booth to see what’s new.


And sharing the spot immediately inside of the conference space doors is Appleton Coated, who have the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum staff doing some custom art while the space is open.


Someone at Veer realized that us designers can’t help but to take photos with props. Well played.


And as they do every year, free shirts at the Veer booth – while they last. Maybe the only thing in the convention center that will disappear as fast as the James Victore posters.


And at Neenah’s second booth, it’s a double booth promoting Neenah Cabinet on one half, and The Beauty of Letterpress on the other. And what better way to promote letterpress then to have Two Paper Dolls there with an actual (even if super small) letterpress machine? And what? They’ll let me run it? What could possibly go wrong…