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Der Vonglitschtkarator Is Out of His Cage!!

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What’s Up Doc?

Do not let this man give your children candy. For those who are at the conference, by now youve met James (not yet), Ron, Earl and Josh. Von Glitschka is up Tuesday afternoon signing posters built on Neenah CLASSIC® Paper with a message sort of on the conference theme: Rediscover Inspiration.

Pretty in Pink: Thug Von Bunster at 1 PM
Neenah Artist Poster Signing Schedule
Tuesday, June 25 Exhibit Hall
iv.            12:00-1:00 _ Josh Chen
v.            1:00-2:00 _ Von Glitschka

Poster Signings will be on Tuesday June 25, two artists will sign for one hour blocks between Noon and 2 pm. Just look for the big beautiful Neenah booth just inside the main entry to  SWAG Hall   inside the cavernous Moscone Center WEST at Fourth and Howard Streets.  Von is from Elsewhere. But he has deep experience with San Francisco.



Bunny Man Off His Chain

Your bunny costume? Can you share an image of yourself in a favorite place, posture or situation — or holding something you love?

What costume? This is hair. Do not make fun of my body hirsute genetics. About this image, it ties into my talk yesterday morning which, being a bunny with very good eyes sight, I notices you skipped. In a nutshell: I’m giving my talk dressed like a dumb-ass rabbit. My talk is about leaving your creative comfort zone so I’m leaving mine to give this talk wearing a dumb-ass rabbit costume. AKA: Thug Bunny

 Well. Now. You did not look uncomfortable at all. You looked a comfy as a bunny in her hutch. But you do love to deploy humor throughout your work and communications. What other references should we look for?

I have memes-o-plenty in my poster design. Pop culture references, conspiracy, political, fun, weird, serious etc. It represents life basically. if you follow me on twitter none of it should surprise you though.

We are TWITTER Zombies. When you think of San Francisco, what image or characteristic first comes to mind?

Industrial Light and Magic which is located on the Presidio.

You know, Von, most people here just say the Giants or Craftsman & Wolves and get those two subjects out of the way. It takes a special design nerd to name that place as their Most Romantic Location for a Wedding in this city. Name your fave people, places or things you want to do/see during your HOW Holiday

Enjoy the restaurants, some of the best in the world are in this town. It’s hard to find a bad one. Alcatraz is cool, China Town is one of my personal favorites and of course the Golden Gate Bridge and park are always a winner too. Avoid the Tenderloin unless you like the smell of urine and fortified wine.

 Wow. I always thought that smell was Fortified Urine Chardonnay. I figured there was a Vineyard in there somewhere. You are the third poster man to suggest Alacatraz. That is a whole day affair, but I am fascinated that everyone recommends it so highly. Reckon that’s because everyone has thieves and killers in their family tree? Can you suggest something very scary to do while you are here?

I prefer wearing a “I Heart Dick Cheney” t-shirt and passing out Halliburton brochures to hippies in Haight-Ashbury instead.

That’ll land you in the hospital. Who is your favorite San Francisco-based Famous Person?

Steve Jobs. (Cupertino actually, but all the keynotes came from SF)

You are hopeless. I guessed you’d name Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Kit, Michael or Lucille. Or Chi Chi Larue, poor dear. Instead, you name a dead computer geek to go with your SFX Romantic Destination. Hopeless, Von. Hopeless. If you lived in San Francisco, what neighborhood would you choose to live in if money were no object?

Sorry. I am a product of my milieu.

 Salem, Oregon? Cold rain? Fantasy Island? If you lived in San Francisco, what neighborhood can you afford to live in on a poster designer’s salary?

I’d buy Alcatraz and make it an art centric getaway. Gallery, studio spaces etc.

You have a thing for prisons. But that is an inspired suggestion. Honestly. Tell us, do you suffer Michael Schwab envy?

Schwab is the man!

We love a man who admits his true preferences. Do you know how to respond if “ramps” are if offered with your “haggis” by a server?

Request a side dish of ointment.

 Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!  Best response to that question yet. Any good SF stories?

I was 12 and my family was visiting SF and I jumped on the wrong cable car and four hours later I was able to find my parents down by the wharf. It was fun actually. A Chinese lady gave me a tasty dumpling and I got to explore without my parents yelling at me to stay nearby. My parents hated that trip.

Why? Because you turned up? When is your poster signing?

I’ll be signing Tuesday from 1-2pm. I’ll also have the original drawings I did to create the poster which I’ll sign and sell too.

Will we see you at the Slanted Door? Craftsman & Wolves? Ti Couze? Delfina? Thorough Bread & Pastry?

Slanted Door is one of my all time favorite restaurants. A must eat!