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James Victore: Let Go Kitty

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Run Up James’ Tab at Gary Danko’s

The theme for this year’s HOW Design Live is Rediscover Inspriation.  Neenah does its part by offering attendees posters on Neenah CLASSIC® paper lines created by five notable American Designers (in order of loudness): James Victore, Von Glitschka, Joshua Chen, Ron Chan and Earl Gee.


While in SF, Let It All Hang Out

Poster Signings begin at NOON today with James signing LET GO KITTY at Noon and Ron Chan signing his San Francisco Valentine beginning at 1 pm. Earl Gee signs his terrific San Francisco homage 5 pm and 6 pm.  On Tuesday June 25, two artists will sign for one hour blocks between Noon and 2 pm.

Find the Neenah booth just inside the main entry to  SWAG Hall  – um EXHIBIT HALL — inside Moscone WEST at Fourth and Howard Streets. We asked James Victore how he manages to keep hanging in there after… All. These. Years.

How NOW Design Live San Francisco
Conference Dates: TODAY-06/26/13
Conference Location: Moscone West, Levels 1-3
Conference Website:
Neenah Artist Poster Signing Schedule
Monday, June 24 Exhibit Hall
i.            12:00-1:00_ James Victore
ii.            1:00-2:00_ Ron Chan
iii.            5:00-6:30 _ Earl Gee
Tuesday, June 25 Exhibit Hall
iv.            12:00-1:00 _ Josh Chen
v.            1:00-2:00 _ Von Glitschka


Don’t let that bushy mustache fool you:
This big softy is all unicorns and rainbows.

 Q&A with James Victore

You are known to be a tough guy. So you lead with a kitten poster? Are you getting closer to God?

“Let go kitty” is a parody of the classic “Hang in there, kitty” which I feel is bad advice. We sometimes think if hard work doesn’t bear fruit we should try really hard work. Like some Javert-like dogged pursuit will achieve our goals, but in reality, if we let go of the reward and trust in our journey, trust that our efforts are good enough, life will give us what we need.

Wow. Your are beginning to sound like Yanni.

I work with the idea that “In the particular lies the Universal.” This means the more personal, the more particular to my life, my fears, my loves I can make my work, it will speak volumes to a universal audience. We always work towards the particular– in contrast to most designers who try to guess what ‘others want,’ or try to please an audience before pleasing themselves.

“Most designers?” “Universal?” Is that patchouli oil you’re wearing? Or insecticide? When you think of San Francisco, what image or characteristic first comes to mind?

Lots of homeless folks. Geesh– what’s up with that? The weather?

They are on their own journey, right? What will you do besides the HOW Conference during your visit?

I will see friends I have there. I’m a terrible tourist, I really don’t care to browse book stores or visit various versions of Chinatown.

You speak of journeys but you say you are a terrible tourist? Okay, so what or who is your favorite San Francisco icon?

Bruce Lee. Bruce was born in SF’s Chinatown, but he has a statue in Hong Kong. What’s up with that, SF?

He had a third eye. Right. If you lived in San Francisco, what neighborhood would you choose to live in if money were no object?


East Bay? Sensible. Every futurist in the Bay Area lives there now. Its the only place they can live and secure their retirement fund. How much did you get paid to design this poster?

Nobody get’s paid for posters, dummy. Even this one was for free. What’s up with that?

True. Gold, Glory or God, right James? Speaking of all three,  do you wish you had a career like San Francisco legend Michael Schwab?


I sense jealousy. That is not very Zen, James. Let it go. You know envy of understated iconic memorable images that evoke a bygone era of American exceptionalism is unhealthy. Next question: Do you know how to respond if “ramps” are if offered with your “haggis” by a tall, thin waiter?

“Bring it on!”

San Francisco will make a hard man humble.  Be careful. Do you have reservations at the Slanted Door? Frances? El Faro?

Every time I visit SF I head straight for Gary Danko’s. Gary is a childhood friend of mine. Do yourself a favor. No reservation, sit at the bar. Try the foie gras. Ask to see “chef.”

We know the place. North Beach area? They have Roast Maine Lobster with Potato Purée, Pioppini Mushrooms, Edamame and Tarragon on the menu. A favorite among the Trustafarians. Do we say you sent us if we get into the popular (and expensive) Gary Danko’s?

Yes. And tell Gary I said, “Put it on my tab. Love, James.” Let. It. Go.