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HOW Conference Tip: Try Golden Horse Restaurant

The theme for this year’s HOW Design Live is Rediscover Inspriation.  Can do! Neenah does its part by offering attendees posters on Neenah CLASSIC® paper created by five notable American Designers (in order of loudness): James Victore, Von Glitschka, Joshua Chen, Ron Chan and Earl Gee.

HOW Design Live San Francisco
Conference Dates: 06/22/13-06/26/13
Conference Location: Moscone West, Levels 1-3
Conference Website:
Neenah Artist Poster Signing Schedule
Monday, June 24 Exhibit Hall
i.            12:00-1:00_ James Victore
ii.            1:00-2:00_ Ron Chan
iii.            5:00-6:30 _ Earl Gee
Tuesday, June 25 Exhibit Hall
iv.            12:00-1:00 _ Josh Chen
v.            1:00-2:00 _ Von Glitschka

Poster Signings will be Monday June 24 with three artists each signing for one hour blocks between Noon and 2 PM and again between 5 pm and 6 pm.  On Tuesday June 25, two artists will sign for one hour blocks between Noon and 2 pm. We urge everyone to drop by and meet the poster designers face to face and get a signed copy for their collection.  Here we meet Ron Chan, a native of San Francisco.


Look very carefully. There’s a lot to like in this poster design.

Q&A With Ron Chan

What it its theme or subject matter of your image?

My SF. As probably the only person in the entire conference who was born and raised in San Francisco, the poster is about what I remember seeing past and present. Things like being mesmerized by the animated Hamms Beer sign while sitting in the back of the car going home, eating at Doggie Diner, taking the ferry to go to Giants game, etc.

I believe you will be the second native I have ever met. Herb Caen was the first. Does your poster involve humor? If humor, humor most people will get or only your girlfriend, boyfriend or mother? Dog?

If you think you’re being humorous then you’re probably not very funny.

Good thing for me, I don’t have a funny bone in my body. When you think of San Francisco, what image or characteristic first comes to mind?

Coming out of the tunnel from Marin and seeing the SF skyline never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the City is.

That is a great call to mind. You are right — that is a magical view. For those visiting SF, what are Top Three people, places or things you want to do/see during your HOW downtime?

  • Go to a Giants game at AT&T
  • See the Bay Lights project — better yet, find a spot for a drink with a view of the Bay Lights project.
  • Eat the way the natives do — which means a hole in wall Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese or Thai restaurant with disgusting floors. Yelp is your friend.

Nice recommendations. For those who live in the area, what are Top Three people, places or things you recommend your fellow artists see during their HOW downtime?

  • Visit Alcatraz — I lived here all my life and didn’t visit until I was 35!
  • Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Go to a Giants game at AT&T

Who is your favorite San Francisco-based Famous Person (e.g. Eggers, Willie Brown, M. Vanderbyl, That Naked Dude at Castro and Market, Patty Hearst, That Crazy Dude at the Corner of Haight and Divisadero, Mrs. Doubtfire)?

  • Matt Cain. He actually lives in San Francisco!
  • Tim Lincecum because he dates the teacher at the school my son and daughter went to.

No one named Michael? Is your wife aware of this affection you have for baseball players? If you lived (elsewehere) in San Francisco, what neighborhood would you choose to live in if money were no object?

North Beach.

That place was in the film Vertigo, right?. If you lived in elsewhere in San Francisco, what neighborhood can you afford to live in on a poster designer’s salary?

Dogpatch if you’re lucky – Visitacion Valley if you’re not.

You did not say the Sunset. No one ever recommends the Sunset. Do you suffer Michael Schwab envy?

There’s a 10-step program for that

I think it takes 20. Do you know how to respond if “ramps” are if offered with your “haggis” by a server?

‘Sure’. But I say that to anything — which is why I’m doing this poster.

And we thank you for your easy touch. Which beach is immediately north of North Beach?

Baker Beach. True north? Probably somewhere in Canada.

Do you have your signing schedule yet?

Somebody knows — just not me.

Do you have reservations at the Slanted Door? Frances? El Faro?

I have standing reservations at Golden Horse

We do not need to be told twice. Want to take a poor poster maker to the Golden Horse? Contact Ron:

24 Nelson Avenue
Mill Valley CA 94941
p: 415.389.6549
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    Craig Bieri said:

    Great interview. As a nube to SF, I will be checking out the place Ron suggests. Any other suggestions for places off the beaten path? Can’t wait to see the rest of the posters and meet the artists!

  2. 06
    Bud Peen said:

    Ron’s Mr. SF. Listen carefully to his recommend. Great poster, Ron. Don’t see myself in it!!!

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    […] job on this site highlighting all of the limited-edition Neenah posters that are being given away (read about Ron Chan’s here). And boy – they are limited. Only 100 of each, and all are signed by the artist over the next […]