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3,000 Designers in San Francisco For a Week? Yes, Please.

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As we await the kick-off to HOW Design Live tonight, there is a lot of activity going on in the convention space – booths being set-up, boxes unpacked, and paper samples being set out by the crateful.

But as everyone who has been to HOW before (or any great conference for that matter) knows, the people and location create an atmosphere that can’t be replicated, and that always provides as many memories as the conference itself.


So with that in mind, it’s been a great couple days in this city getting to view the places, and meet some of its great people. It never hurts for the first stop to San Francisco to be Craftsman & Wolves for an afternoon tea.


Toasting a great conference with Josh Chen of Chen Design Associates, and Jamie Saunders of Neenah Paper.


If afternoon tea was always this good, I would do it everyday. EVERY. DAY. I thought I’d been to some good food cities, but after a couple days here, I think San Francisco is winning.


It does not hurt that Chen Design Associates has this place branded in an understated, bit amazing way. Menu boards are printed on Neenah Paper, and appear to be held up with magnets. I assume this makes them easy to change, but with the food I had, I don’t know why they ever would. Josh said the place just celebrated one year in business, and I wish them many more, as this place was wonderful.


Yes, that is an egg inside of a sausage muffin. This is the best thing I have eaten in two years. True craftsmen work at this place.


I hadn’t been to San Francisco since 2006, but the area we were in  felt like it reminded me of when we last visited Volume Inc., and sure enough, they were a short walk from where we were. Eric Heiman’s still doing some of the best design in the city, and it was a great chance to stop by and say hello.


Saturday was spent walking through the Mission District. In addition to some fun sights and art, I was quickly reminded that I was not in the flat lands of Nebraska anymore. Sidewalks are not meant to be at 45 degree angles…


And the day was topped off by a trip to Pier 39 with Tom Nemitz and Jason Wedekind.

Let’s hope the conference can live up to the location. Knowing HOW, I think they may actually be able to do it.

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