Down to the last day at HOW!

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We’re down to the last day at HOW Design Live, and there is a reason this is the biggest design event of the year. First, big thanks to Against The Grain’s Matt Porter for letting me help him with the conference updates again this year (photo of us above). And also, thanks to the great team at Neenah Paper for allowing me to tag along.


This morning, I was able to catch Stephanie Voss speak about keeping negative thoughts and worry at bay in a life of design. As she says, “cool kids worry”, so that worrying is not going away.

Her slide with Debbie Millman’s quote said it best, “I am worried about how much I worry. And I am also worried that I might not worry enough.”


Back at the convention space, Crystal Reynolds was able to get one of the very limited, and very fun posters by James Victore (signing in background). Even at eight in the morning this guy draws a crowd. Why am I already taking photos at eight in the morning? Do not expect this to happen again.


Earl Gee signing his posters at the Neenah Paper booth. This is at a much better time of noon.


I’m also here podcasting for my own site, 36 Point, and was shocked to see Von Glitschka signing his posters wearing the same shirt I had on.


And as I left the convention center, I realized the closing party is going to be held right in the open space of the Moscone Center. As the set up start, it is no surprise that the party is based on the What Moves You campaign, and is sure to feature an incredible backdrop of San Francisco at night. I’m sure the social sites will be filled with photos over the next few days of this event.

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    Neenah Paper said:

    It is always a pleasure to work with you Donovan. You are a lot of fun and you always deliver. Wry smile not needed.

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    Momo said:

    Good times. This was a great event and it great meeting you Neenah guys!