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Chicago Photographers Assist Haitian Health Fund Effort

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   Chicago Design Firm Celebrates

Resilient Human Spirit

Artists partner with doctors to provide support for Haiti and the Dominican Republic.



Design by MHDezign of Chicago

Marek Hosek, principal/creative director

Brian Wetzstein, Sebastian Kowalski and Marek Hosek, photographers


What began with Marek Hosek’s trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to help and to document through photography has grown into an annual fundraising event to benefit both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He went on the trip with several doctors through the Global Health Program. At the next event (#3) they will auction off art from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A series of three books of photos from Haiti and the Dominican Republic designed for the Art For Health Ben­e­fit will also be sold to raise money.


Where & When

Chicago, IL. Although a major focus of the work is and will continue to be Haiti, they are also working in the Dominican Republic and have used funds to support their partner communities in the DR. They hold the fundraiser and publish the art books once a year, and are currently working on a series of three books for 2013 that will combine photos from both Haiti and the DR, taken by three different artists.



After visiting Haiti and taking numerous photos, Marek was moved to share them. He started thinking about an exhibit, but then decided to make a photobook. He partnered with the Global Health Program through Rush University to put on the fundraiser and produce the book. He has since added the Dominican Republic to the charity, and two other photographers, Brian Wetzstein and Sebastian Kowalski. The doctors make four trips per year. Marek, Brian and Sebastian will each make one trip. Last year over 350 people attended the event (in its second year) at a ticket price of $35. The event and book sales raised $30,000. “Marek allows all of us to see and share Haiti and the Dominican Republic as never before. His photography captures the true essence of the people, their lives and their world. He puts into an image what we have been unable to express in words.”  Jennifer Towbin, M.D.

Proceeds from the auction and sale of the books go to scholarships and the infrastructure of the clinic and other public health projects.


Hey?! What’s the Big Idea?!!
The book and promotional items are designed by Marek Hosek.
Paper Specs: Neenah’s ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers.
Neenah Sales Representative:  Michele Pistone
Contact at MHDezign:        Marek Hosek, principal/creative director
The name of the organization was recently changed from Art for Haiti to Art for Health to more accurately reflect the scope of the medical work and use of funds that are raised.
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