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Fun at the Detroit Design Festival

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Thousands Drawn to Detroit Design Festival 

Celebrating a Community’s Vibrancy

Who & Where

Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) draws its energy from neighborhoods in Detroit, including midtown with its studios, museums and cultural events, along with a vibrant downtown with its walkable riverfront, where hangouts blend high style with laid-back cool.

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What & When

The third annual Detroit Design Festival, presented by DC3 will shine a spotlight on Detroit’s creative community September 18-22, 2013. This year’s festival will feature 60 events hosted in neighborhoods across Detroit, connecting 300 designers and creatives with new markets and 15,000 consumers in five days.


The national news from Detroit has been bleak. But you’ve probably also seen on the news that a resurgence is afoot in the city’s creative spheres. And the design community is a big part of it. Abandoned warehouses and buildings offer great spaces for studios and offices — at inexpensive rental rates. Manufacturers are moving in, and not just the auto industry. Take, for example, Shinola. This is a company that manufactures high quality watches, bicycles and premium leather goods. What appealed to them was not just the amount of empty warehouse space, but the collaboration and optimism within the community. As they say on the Shinola website, “We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future.” And this is just one example. Follow these links to see what’s happening in the Detroit Design Community:




DDF 2012 mural

Hey?! What’s the Big Idea?!!
Paper Specs:  Posters/newspaper flyers printed on Neenah’s CORONADO SST, Infinite White, 70lb Text, Stipple finish
Neenah Sales Representative: Ellen Shook
Contact at Detroit Creative Corridor Center: mclayson@detroitc3.com

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