More Eye Candy and Eggs from the AIGA Conference

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And with that slide last night, the AIGA Head, Heart Hand Conference was kicked off by Ric Grefe. It may be early in the event, but it already has more of an eye-candy vibe in the presentations than the design thinking talks of Phoenix in 2011.



You know it’s going to be a conference with some good design eye-candy when even the opening speakers are showing the work of Aaron Draplin.



But the big focus on the main stage is still Command X. And this year, Command X is being hosted by Matteo Bologna. He has some big shoes to fill with the departure of Michael Bierut from the usual role, but really seems to be up to the game with a sense of humor and stage presence that is perfect for this game show like event.



I guess when I think of Minneapolis, it’s Target, a lot of lake, and Price, so why not, let’s give Prince a new mark.  But lets be sure to keep it purple.



And fellow Omaha resident Cate White is a contestant this year. Between her and AIGA Co-President Drew Davies, Nebraska is better represented than ever.


They are opening this up to all audience judging? I’ll report back when it’s over on if this was a good idea or not… At least all of the contestants got my memo on purple.


It’s not a conference without food and drinks with friends. There may not be eggs inside of muffins this time, but eggs wrapped in sausage and then fried are a fine alternative.


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    Neenah Paper said:

    Those egg muffins look like human eyeballs. Or rocky mountain oysters. Breakfast of champions for sure. Where’s the bacon?

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