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Good Weather, More Letterpress, Lots More Command X Remaining at Head, Heart, Hand

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I guess graffiti is one of the new ways to market a conference. This AIGA booth is brought with construction paper being added by people throughout the AIGA Head, Heart, Hand Conference in Minneapolis. It’s not the marker cube by the registration booth, but it does involve more glue.


Another day, another letterpress sighting. Seriously, even these small machines are harder to move than they look, but there is something about showing the printing process in action.


In this case, it’s Tom Wright at the Neenah Paper booth running the press, and printing limited-edition bookmarks for attendees. I’m interviewing Rule29 principal Justin Ahrens for my podcast, The Reflex Blue Show, in the background.


A big part of the conference experience are the events that pop up around the area. Whether it’s a cocktail party with an incredible view of the city or a get together with a few new friends, these are the moments that are the most fondly remembered.


And what a city Minneapolis is. It may be October, but the weather is cooperating way better than expected.


What will today bring? More Command X. The other AIGA Co-President, Sean Adams, is taping a segment with Michael Vanderbyl about how the three remaining contestants are doing. And way to go, Omaha! Cate White has made it to the final round.