Head, Heart, Hand, Mountain Dew and Drew

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There are parts of a design conference that just never convey right by following them online. Part of it is the design artifacts hanging around to view in person, and part is the interactive and group dynamic that creates them. In this case, a large cube that is sitting there just waiting to be marked on all sides. Hence, another day at the AIGA Head, Heart, Hand Conference is well underway.


Right inside the exhibition door is a letterpress being run by the great people at Spark. Seriously, these things are not light, is this the new thing at conferences?


Spark has a new promotion everyday. Today? Envelopes!


Buried in the back of the convention space, AIGA has what I thought was a lounge, but discovered it’s staffed by national board members. I happened upon AIGA Co-President Drew Davies talking about Design for Democracy with Christopher Simmons.


And Neenah Paper is well represented with Michele Pistone and Jamie Saunders at the booth while Drew shows us the level of photobombing that is expected of a Co-Prez these days.


Not all is great at this place though. It’s all Coke products around here. Thankfully Drew showed Jamie and I where the Mountain Dew was hiding just 3 blocks away.

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