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Jucy Lucy’s and a Studio on Fire Tour at Head, Heart, Hand

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Based on my years serving on the local AIGA board, as well as numerous conferences, I find that it is no secret that Minneapolis has some amazing creatives. It did not shock me one bit that the AIGA Head, Heart, Hand Conference would choose this city as the backdrop for this event.


That, and to highlight the Jucy Lucy. A lunch stop to Matt’s Bar (per a great recommendation by Against The Grain’s own Matt Porter), and I am officially hooked on these things.


Today’s afternoon was spent heading over to a tour of Studio on Fire (the “welcome welcome” was what greeted us right inside the door). Founder Ben Levitz talks with Tom Wright about some of their most recent work. I noticed everything was hanging to the wall by magnets. Sometimes it’s just too hard to poke thumbtacks through work this well done.


The lobby is adorned with so many samples that it’s hard to take it all in. The tactile feel of letterpress also makes it hard to resist touching everything in sight. Or eating it.


It’s remarkable at how clean this print shop is. Even the walls of old cans are well taken care of. This part of the space reminded me of a much better lit Homy Inn.


Paper swatch books.


I’m still not sure how you ship a press like this over from Europe, but that’s the story I heard. Also, capable of printing up to 28″? That’s just cool.


And so many presses. Engraving, foiling, well over a dozen machines in two large press rooms.


Tom shows Ben and Ellie Banister what I imaging is another Neenah app. Probably virtual swatch books so he can clean off a shelf in the office.


Hey, designers, get your own tape made. It’s worth it.


And as we were leaving, Bill and Jim Moran of Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum stopped by with some type for the workshops being held the next day. I’d love to see what people end up creating in these half day events.


Letterpress shops and coasters are a natural fit for self-promotions. Box is gold foil on Cordenons Plike 122lbC. Box is gold foil and letterpress on Cordenons Wild 166lbC, duplex after print to 314lbC.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my final recap on the Head, Heart, Hand Conference. The weather got a bit colder, I think this town is telling us it’s almost the time that we need to leave…