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Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing

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The Benefit of Compassion

Washington Based Advocacy Agency Applies Skills & Talent to Help Others

Who / Where

Sherry Matthews

Founder and owner of Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing

Austin, New York, Switzerland, and Washington DC.

What / When

Back in 1983, Sherry Matthews started her marketing firm with a full roster of real estate, banking and fast food clients. It was very successful, but her training was as a journalist and she had always hoped to pursue investigative reporting or writing stories about social injustice. Following her heart, she resigned all of her clients one day in 1989 ­and decided to pursue public service marketing. A few days later, a small Austin-based natural foods grocery with six stores hired her firm to help brand the grocery and take it public.

That company is Whole Foods Market, and her innovative and informative “issues” campaign on such subjects as the slaughter of dolphin by tuna fishermen and the health hazards of food additives and pesticides helped launch her agency’s reputation on the cause-marketing frontier. Since then Sherry has won international awards on behalf of government agencies and global organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency, ChildFund International, Medair, Earthwatch, Organgutan Foundation International, and the Miracle Foundation.


Sherry’s interest in social justice and her own family’s experience with an abusive children’s home led to the publication of her first book, WE WERE NOT ORPHANS: Stories from the Waco State Home, (University of Texas Press February 2011). The state children’s facility provided housing and education for “dependent and neglected” children, but residents paid a price in physical and sexual abuse, military discipline, and plantation-style labor. After attending a reunion of surviving residents (the home closed in the 70’s), Sherry began to gather a collection of personal narratives and wrote the book as a gift to the alumni.

Proceeds from sales of the book go to the Waco State Home Ex-Student’s Association.

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Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing is a customer of Neenah Paper. To learn more about the work they do visit www.sherrymatthews.com/dynamic/latest.php
Neenah sales representative: Ross Van Burkleo


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