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Definition of the “Bee’s Knees” — Flash Reproductions

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Wayward Arts Bee Issue Wins Gold

In July 2013 Against the Grain featured Flash Reproductions of Toronto and a particular issue of Wayward Arts Magazine (Wayward Arts/Bees Vol. 1, Issue 4) bringing focus to the natural beauty, social value and endangered ecology of bees. That issue just won gold at the Canadian Printing Awards.


The Origin of the Bee’s Knees

According to the Urban Dictionary, “when bees flit from flower to flower the nectar sticks to their legs. The phrase ‘bee’s knees’ means sweet and good, because the knees of the bee are where all the sweet, good stuff is collected.”

Who, What, Where, When

Designed by Hambly & Woolley of Toronto, the same issue  was awarded the Gold Award at the Canadian Printing Awards, presented by Print Action Magazine held at the Toronto Convention Center November 21. Flash received the Gold Award in the category of “sheet-fed offset printing.” Neenah congratulates their entire production team.

Flash group pic - CPA 2013

The Flash Reproductions team (L to R): Sherry Strong, Derek Emerson, Hanniel Ghezzi, Rich Pauptit (president), Steve Frattaroli, Leslie Vonk.

What is Wayward Arts Magazine?

Wayward Arts Magazine 2013 Studio Series  is a monthly magazine published by Flash Reproductions with each issue created by a different Canadian graphic design studio who are given full creative license to make that issue their own. The theme for the 2013 series is “Community,” and this fourth issue, on bees, is an intriguing exploration of the community of bees designed by Hambly & Woolley of Toronto. The magazine began as an annual publication and changed to monthly in 2013. Many regard each issue unique and collectible. The Bee’s Knees issue proves that point.


“Flash has built its reputation on craftsmanship” said Derek Emerson. “We love combining innovative design, brilliant papers and fine print in order to bring beautiful printed artifacts into the world. Wayward Arts Magazine enables us to do that by pushing printing techniques up to and, sometimes beyond, known limits. Such challenges are the kinds of experiences that motivate us to get out of bed in the morning.”

And that, friends, is the definition of “the bee’s knees.”


Hey!?! What’s the Big Idea!?!!

Paper:  Neenah Paper EAMES™ Paper Architecture finish, CLASSIC CREST® Papers Stipple and Eggshell finishes.
Neenah Sales Representative:  Ellen Shook
Contact:  Derek Emerson, Director of Sales and Marketing
Link: http://www.flashreproductions.com
More: To learn more about the this publication, visit www.hamblywoolley.com/beeswax for more info and compelling videos.


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