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It’s A New Year — Time for a Change.

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 She Wrote the Book On Change

A Designer Makes Her Passion For Sustainable Living Her Business.  



Angela Ferraro-Fanning lives in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Her business is called 13thirtyone Design, an eco-friendly graphic and website design business in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Ms. Ferraro-Fanning is passionate about building a sustainable future and she works to provide solutions everyday by creating sustainable identity programs and marketing materials that help her clients reduce their carbon footprint.



Ms. Ferraro-Fanning recently published a great new e-book titled “Design for Change: A Guide To Sustainable Graphic Design”. In it she presents a simple guideline for using recycled paper. Clearly and simply she explains that while paper with post consumer fiber content is great, designers should consider many other factors when making paper choices. She advises that you look for FSC, Green-e and Green Seal certifications, as well as properties like Processed Chlorine Free. Angela also recommends Neenah’s ENVIRONMENT® Papers as a fine example of paper that not only looks good, but is part of the sustainable solution designers like herself are passionate about.


“Design for Change: A Guide To Sustainable Graphic Design” is a concise guide to environmentally-friendly graphic design practices. This eBook covers technical points such as green paper options, ink and printing presses and it explains their respective impacts on the earth. But it also offers suggestions on how to convince client to consider the “design for after” use mindset in order to make more sustainable and eco-friendly choices for their branding and marketing.



Hey?! What’s the Big Idea?!!

Angela Ferraro-Fanning is one of thousands of communication arts professionals who make what’s good for the environment good for business. We salute her.

Do you have sustainable ideas in graphic design that you put into action through your daily work? Share it. We will post the best ideas over the next six weeks. Send a landscape-oriented image or three, too. We want to read about it — and see it. Happy Sustainable New Year …. and millions more.

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