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Letterpress Print by Modern Dog Helps Hamilton Museum

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Limited Edition Poster by
Robynne Raye Raises Funds
to Save Hamilton Type & Printing Museum

Seattle-based Modern Dog’s Robynne Raye has made challenging business decisions in her day, including the settlement of a long-standing copyright infringement lawsuit that occupied her and her colleagues for nearly two years.

But her decision to help Hamilton Type & Printing Museum raise $30,000 through Neenah’s The Beauty of Letterpress initiative was not difficult.

In this interview, Robynne speaks about her design, the seventh edition in the series, “I Love You, Man,” printed by The Mandate Press, and the reasons she wanted to help.

JS: Robynne, what enticed you to participate in this project to help Hamilton Type & Printing Museum?

RR: Like Hamilton Type & Printing Museum, Modern Dog has had to make the tough decision to move our business due to circumstances beyond our control. We know financial strain, so on that level we could relate to their situation and wanted to help them.


JS: Talk about your print. Someone thought it was a cat; someone else thought it was a dog. Which is it?

RR: A dog, of course.


JS: You chose a fanciful typeface, Hobo. Why?

RR: It started out as a joke. My designer friend, Dalton Webb, was visiting the studio and he insisted that I keep it. We laughed, and then when I took a second look I realized he was right, Hobo did look great. This is the first and only time I ever used Hobo, and if it wasn’t for Dalton it may have never happened.


JS: What do you like most about the finished printed design?

RR: I love the awkwardness of the image — he’s crying but it’s also funny. Art and design takes on new meaning when it goes from a digital form to a printed piece, but then add on the impeccable letterpress printing and the beautiful paper CRANE’S® LETTRA … and I’m speechless.

JS: With this launch, Neenah hopes to make its goal to raise $30k. How would you feel if sales from your limited edition print catapulted this project across the finish line?

RR: When the design community stands together, it is powerful.


Hey!?! What’s the Big Idea!?!

The Beauty of Letterpress is brought to the world by Neenah Paper featuring Crane® Papers. It is the world’s only online resource and showcase for modern letterpress, featuring the best and most innovative letterpress work in the industry today, with over 450 participating letterpress printers. Buy a print and Neenah will double your donation, up to $30k.

Designer: Robynne Raye, Modern Dog (http://moderndog.com  no. 18)
Printer: The Mandate Press (http://themandatepress.com)
Paper: CRANE’S® LETTRA, Fluorescent White (http://thebeautyofletterpress.com/papers)
The Beauty ofLetterpress: http://thebeautyofletterpress.com
Issue 7: http://thebeautyofletterpress.com/issue/issue-seven
Buy a Print: https://thebeautyofletterpress.com/contribute