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Where Italy Meets America: The Design Collection

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The Design Collection Sampler

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Neenah Paper presented The Design Collection last fall, featuring 11 specialty papers inspired by Italy’s top fashion houses and America’s leading designers (See this feature: here.) Neenah has released The Design Collection Sampler that allows this Italian-American collection strut it stuff:. The promo was designed by Design Army of Washington.  Take a look: it has all the paper accessories you need to make your next communication turn heads.

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Bound with a chain, the Design Collection Sampler contains 29 printing demonstrations on 30 different papers from The Design Collection. Its colors and texture are alluring and rich inviting users to handle them. Take a look for yourself. Then get in touch with your Neenah Rep and get your hands on a sample.


Combinations of colored papers and print techniques make bold statements like this  iridescent foil stamp on ESSE®, Black. With just silver and black ink and OXFORD®, Wealth, Voilà! You can envision the New York City streetgrid,  The sheet on the right shows how to create dimension with a drop shadow plus a dry trap on OXFORD, Black.


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Who does not love letterpress? Take a look at this Letterpress sheet: Letterpress geometric forms combine to make a likeness  Martin Luther King Jr. on CANALETTO. And a coaster on the super-thick WILD, Heavy Vellum? How fabulous is that?


Images leap off metallic papers. These samples are almost ethereal. We used offset printing on ESSE, Pearlized Latte (front sheet) and on STARDREAM®, Silver (back sheet) to demonstrate the capabilities of the paper.

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The power of simple: Silver + Texture = Sophistication. A crisp silver foil stamp 0ver a textured finish of OXFORD, Blue Chip creates a sharp, fresh look. We used a registered emboss on the EAMES™, White, Diffused Architecture. The combination invites users to run their fingers across this translucent sample. It will make heads turn.


See and touch the The Design Collection Sampler. The experience helps you understand the possibilities of the fashionable new line. Want to get your hands on one?  Call your local Neenah Paper rep. And for still more ideas and possibilities, download  Neenah CabinetTM. It is most convenient and efficient tool available to view all Neenah papers. It’s fast, simple, and free.

Hey?! Whats the Big Idea?!!
•  The Design Collection 11 brands include: Stardream®, Plike®, Esse®, Eames™, Oxford®, Moondream®, Teton®, Canaletto, Wild, Starwhite® and So…Silk® Papers.
•  Order the Design Collection papers and samples now through Neenah Paper at http://www.neenahpaper.com/thedesigncollection.
•  Swatchbooks? The Design Collection swatchbook is available through your local paper merchant or your Neenah rep.
•  Neenah CabinetTM Explore The Design Collection and complete Classic® paper offering with the Neenah app For iPad®, iPhone®, Android and desktop users. http://www.neenahcabinet.com

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    Tom Wright said:

    What a splendid job by Design Army on this paper promotion. With over 111 papers to select from to trim this down to this selection was a job in itself. The papers truly come to life when print touches the surface. How can any designer not relish the opportunity to print on the best. Best of all each page is not a click and then gone, but a reference tool for a lifetime!