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Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Bold Invites

Written by in Inspire

 From PaperSpecs:

Inviting Guests, Full Throttle

Writes Sabine Lenz of PaperSpecs (www.paperspecs.com), “Invitations have changed! Gone are the conservative aesthetics and feminine-leaning sensibilities. This particular suite is a great example of that design trend and was created specifically as part of a portfolio designed to show clients what creativity and individuality can produce. The standout for me is substrate choice and how that translates into a vivid story (think Marilyn Monroe sitting atop a Harley).”

She continues, “[The] invite card goes full throttle  with thick paper – GRUPPO CORDENONS like in white from Neenah adhered to black chipboard adhered to faux velvet. A decorative bellyband cut from embossed vinyl wraps around the card like a leather belt for the pure surprise and joy of it. Invite, Directions and RSVP cards are letterpress printed, which adds even more texture to the invitation suite.”


One Boss Invitation

Go view the PaperSpecs video feature of  Twig & Fig’s (http://www.twigandfig.com) invitation on PaperSpecs: