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GDUSA American Package Design Awards

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For the third year running Neenah has sponsored the GDUSA American Package Design Awards. Neenah supports this annual competition that celebrates the power of design in promoting brands, because we also believe in supporting great design, and talented designers.

“We are seeing such creative and elegant approaches to branding and packaging consumer products, with attention being paid to the materials used and the ability to produce beautifully printed packages. As we’ve seen the decline of annual reports and the old standards, we believe packaging is a fast-growing outlet for designers to create amazing, and highly-visible work,” said Tom Wright, Sr. Director of Advertising and Design.

The award winners were announced on the GDUSA website, and are showcased in this month’s printed publication. From thousands of entries, 300 winners were selected, in 16 categories. We can’t mention them all, but here are a few beautiful pieces sure to get your attention when you’re out shopping.

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Luxury Packaging Category: This beautiful Marie Todd Luxury Candle and Diffuser Collection was designed by PRADO Studio, printed on CLASSIC® Linen Papers.

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Sustainable Packaging Category: The White Room Inc, designed the packaging for da lish Cosmetics on ENVIRONMENT® Papers.

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Sports, Toys + Games Category: The Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys are packaged in CRANE’S LETTRA® Papers, designed by Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment.

See all the winners of the GDUSA American Package Design Awards in the March/April issue of GDUSA, or online here.

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