Everyone Knows Your Name at HOW Design Live

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Once HOW Design Live gets started, the scale of the event become apparent. I don’t think it’s possible for two people to have the same experience with so many speakers to choose from, and let’s not forget about the giveaways…

Yesterday I posted Justin Ahrens signing posters at the Neenah Paper booth from 8-9am. These signings went on all day – I mean until 4pm – when the final limited-edition posters were being signed by Eli Epstein (above) from Union Press.


This year, HOW Design Live is split into five different conferences that attendees mix and match as they want. For some reason, even though I can count the packages I have designed in my career on one hand, I am always drawn to at least one DieLine Conference session. I think I may just love hearing people who specialize so much, and are so passionate about something, speak. Above is Matthew Clark of Subplot Design, Inc.


The Creative Freelancer Business Conference is what brings in the most dedicated conference attendees. Nobody else seems to cater to the freelancer like HOW does – and it shows when you speak to anyone attending these sessions.


Bill Gardner of LogoLounge gives his annual Logo Trends Report. I remember hearing him talk about LogoLounge a decade or so ago in Omaha – but it took years before I actually signed up for an account. I should’t have waited, it’s a great site and resource. I’m glad I finally signed up.


Everyone knows your name in Boston! Cheers! Plus, no conference is complete without meeting new friends, right?

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    Matthew p said:

    Have one for me! A great time, that is.

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