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Don’t Be Left with Sagmeister’s Residue

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What I Learned at HOW.

What I’m Going to Do About It.

(Reported by Bennett Holzworth) I have had a couple of days to reflect on HOW Design Live 2014 and there is still much of the 5 day event that I have left to ponder. One thing that really struck me was when Stefan Sagmeister talked about the negative residue that is left behind when we don’t do the things we said we wanted to do. And as he pointed out, this is especially important when you attend any kind of conference or educational event.

“When we hear a speaker and think, “I should really do this.” But we need do more than simply note a suggestion. We need to put our intentions into action.  Here is my attempt to put my HOW lesson out there so you can hold me accountable.”  


Christine Mau from Kimberly-Clark during her main-stage presentation.

Here is my list of ideas that inspired me and that I intend to act upon. Most are very simple.

 Jim Krause: Learn by Doing and Have Fun Doing it
I will create outdoor temporary site-specific art with my 5-year-old. (like Goldsworthy)

Johnny Cupcakes: How to Start or Grow a Unique Biz . . .
Follow my entrepreneurial ideas. Start small with submissions to Quirky and Teespring. I will create a new enterprise.

Christine Mau: General Session
She reminded us that design legend Massimo Vignelli’s family asked us all to send cards and artwork to Massimo during his final days. He died this morning. I will mail my letter of love, honor and respect to his family anyway.

Stefan Sagmeister: Design and Happiness
Draw an animal “that is doing well” for The Happy Film and send it to the email address that he gave the audience. I will draw my happy animal.

Roman Mars: 99% Invisible Live
Subscribe and listen to 99% Invisible. I will subscribe and enhance my understanding of humanity.

I will do these things over the next few weeks. I leave you with Sagmeister leading the crowd in another sing-a-long. I think we all felt pretty happy after that.

Bennett Holzworth
“Designer and Letterpress Enthusiast”