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Johnny Has Everything But Cupcakes

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So many sessions, so many experiences . . . so little blog space.

(Reported by Bennett Holzworth) One  of the many HOW Design Live session that I found inspirational was Johnny Earle’s (aka Johnny Cupcakes) session. He led us all the way from selling gag joke trinkets to his classmates as a kid all the way to opening his T-shirt shops in Boston, LA and London (he doesn’t actually sell cupcakes). He is just one of those people that seems to have the perfect combination of talent, drive and empathy.

Not only does he have  focus and drive, but he also gets how important his customer’s experience is. Today I visited his store a block from the convention center. He was hanging out with customers and signing autographs. I bought a deck of cards because I am too cheap to buy a $40 t-shirt.

As I handed him the deck of cards to sign, he took them with glee to do some magic. After some slight of hand, he was on a roll and he ran around the shop with fake roaches to freak out the ladies in the shop. With Johnny back on track and singing my souvenir, I informed him that one of his employees was really wanting to experience Sagmeister’s session on Friday. Of course, he immediately ran over to her to let her know that he would make that happen. It is always fun to be a part of making someone’s day.

Along with all of the larger than life main stage sessions, I also attended great sessions by Roman Mars, Ken Tanabe, Maria Guidance, Sam Harrison and Jim Krause.


As always,the exhibit hall is fun to walk, look, learn and collect. If I so desired, I would never have to purchase a pen, t-shirt or poster for the rest of my life. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I win one of the ten different iPad contests that I entered.

While I’d love to sit around and blog the rest of the evening, I better go experience the best party of the conference  . . . The Neenah Paper Closing Party!

Bennett Holzworth

“Designer and Letterpress Enthusiast”

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    Matt Porter said:

    This guy must be the Weasley Twins missing triplet. His shops sounds as fun as their magic gift shop in Harry Potter. Great report Bennett!