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Three Figs Villa: Express Yourself on Fine Paper


Cyd Peroni has loved the smell of ink since she taught herself to type (at age six) on an antique Underwood. During her career, she’s planned and managed offset print projects, written stories about corporate leaders and artists, edited copy for magazines and websites, won awards for her own fine art photography, and started a freelance writing business.


Cyd Peroni of Three Figs Villa



When the desire to do more creative writing became too strong to ignore, she scaled back her freelance commercial work and launched an online boutique called Three Figs Villa where she collaborates with other artists to create letterpress posters designed especially for writers and wordies. Cyd said she chose letterpress printing because it has so much in common with the craft of writing – it takes careful attention and requires a lot of patience! Her launch poster says “Writer is as Writer Does.” Deep letterpress impressions and a modern color palette make this a beautiful fine art piece for your office wall or desk.

Inked for Second Color


I asked Cyd how it felt to make this kind of change in her life. She said, “Embracing change is so important. When I moved to Arizona 30 years ago, I didn’t have a job, a car or a place to live. I knew no one in Phoenix. I just followed my heart with abandon. Rumi wrote, ‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’ This has been true for me. Life is scary and fun, and I can’t wait to experience what happens next.”


Cyd lives in Arizona, and she made this leap in August, 2012.

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Hey?! What’s the Big Idea?!!

Paper specs for poster: 100% cotton CRANE’S LETTRA® 110lb. Cover from Neenah

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