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Camp is Always Better with a Fire

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I have to hand it to AIGA Minnesota. What this AIGA chapter does is create one impressive conference. I’m not sure how they do it – well deserved praise to those involved. Design Camp is something worth checking out.


Day two started off with Cap Watkins of Etsy. There is a reason Cooper-Hewitt just presented Etsy with a National Design Award. After this presentation, it was obvious of how much Etsy values design, and how good the people there are at failing (planned failure is part of the strategy), not giving up, and succeeding (because of the planned failing).


The ‘Guess Who?’ game from yesterday got a facelift. Type was replaced with designers.


What? The #NeenahSecret Secret Paper Society has left some strange clues around the camp. I may have already said too much…


Afternoon workshops. In this one, Kim Shannon and Doug Grever of Neenah Paper present…


…and then break out some paper for a hands-on packaging exercise.


Camp is one part conference, one part people, and one part location – all three were amazing. Design Camp MC Brent Stickles of YYES listens as Ben Levitz of Studio on Fire starts making after-party plans (that may or may not have happened).


I cannot say enough about Northern Minnesota. Just a great place to visit. At top of post is the bonfire that happened even after being cancelled. Where there is a way, there is always a fire at camp.


Me, with Doug and Kim of Neenah Paper. I had a great time being able to blog at Camp. The thirty degree days and massive winds were not even close to enough to ruin a conference like this one.