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Detroit Design Festival 2014: Alive & Well, Thank You

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New Blood Quickens Detroit’s Pulse

Are you a fearless creator? The heart of Detroit is calling your name.

It seems everyone gave Detroit up for dead.  The recent Detroit Design Festival 2014 (DDF) is  proof that the rumors of Detroit’s death are greatly exaggerated. They city’s young and imaginative spirits are transforming a repellant curse (abandoned infrastructure) into a magnetic pulse, drawing legions of like-minded designers and artists back to the city core. Poor Detroit, with a creative heart racing like a 22-year-old’s.

Detroit Power & Light

DDF established in 2010 to connect Detroit artists and designers with each other as well as introduce them to national and global audiences of consumers and new markets. Mission accomplished, connection made, world alerted.


Detroit was abuzz in the weeks leading up to this year’s DDF events, and the festival did not disappoint, drawing more than 300+ Detroit-based designers and artists to more than 100+ venues and a multitude of events featuring nearly every creative discipline, including graphic design, advertising, photography, architecture, fashion design, tag art, print making, ceramics, illustration, textile design, interior design, urban design, product design, transportation design, urban landscape architecture, eco-conscious design, entertainment arts, plus food art, music, and dance performance.


And not a few weirdoes (move over, Austin) to the highlight two-night street fair called DDF Midtown Design Village ( Detroit is ablaze with energy.

Sponsors, always up for crowd, plugged into the source: Knight Foundation, DC3 (Detroit Creative Corridor Center) and College for Creative Studies, Fathead, Ford, Gensler, Opportunity Detroit, VitaminT, and Quicken Loans showed up with money and services.


New Northern Lights

An aurora borealis local talent added to the spectacle of new northern lights including graphic designers Liz Kerner and Danielle Denha of 44FortyFour Studio (, Alex B. Hill (, fashion designer Aaron Thomas, (, furniture designer Alex Rosenhaus, architects Anya Sirota and Jean Louis Farges, event designer Emily Bowman, graphic designer Stephanie Mitchell, “queer aspie” Jean-Luc Grosjean, illustrator Justin Perkins… and on and on and on (for a complete list go to:

Detroit Design Festival demonstrates that Detroiters will try anything, anywhere, anytime to refute any self-appointed Nostradamus predicting the city’s demise. Its heart-racing energy and pulse pounding imaginations are encouraging artists and designers from Austin to Portland, from Bushwick to Potrero Hill, to abandon their overpriced, shoebox studio apartments and join the fearless mob in the new, wide open Wild, Wild Midwest.

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