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Spooktacular Crafting on Neenah Paper

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 “Sinister Machinations and Quirky Craft Creations”

Elements has done it again! Spicing up their studio with sinister machinations and quirky craft creations, the fantastic four (Amy Graver, Chelsea May, Tracy Forbes, and Kathryn Chase-Levin), hosted another successful crafting party for friends and colleagues. They served up spooky spirits and snacks while a Pandora playlist of Halloween music inspired the crafters—and, occasionally, irritated them. “We had to keep skipping songs because some of them were driving us crazy with the dramatic organ music or hardcore guitar riffs,” says May.

In preparation for the party, the Elements team decorated the studio and pinned up a variety of ideas on the big corkboards in their conference room. “Because the party is only a couple of hours, we like to have some crafts in the bag—some that are easy to follow step-by-step, and others that allow more space for creativity,” notes May.


All photos by Steve Walter Photo.

Materials were laid out on tables for party-goers to choose from including a variety of Neenah papers in different weights and colors, twine, ribbon, feathers, tissue paper and orange burlap bags. Graver notes, “It was interesting to see the different creative interpretations our guests had on the craft projects we suggested. We put together our samples, and with very little instruction, everyone excitedly took off and dove right in.”


Not all guests were artists, so the projects ranged from simple cut-and-paste, to elaborate concoctions requiring wire and creative know-how. Cindi Brant assembled a complicated Dia de Muertos-style skeleton complete with hand-crafted flowers, while Johna Iwanec designed an elaborate door hanging composed of bats cut from Neenah Astrobright papers, a burlap potion bag, and an owl assembled with wire. May produced her own set of bunting characters featuring a candy corn owl, a bat, Frankenstein, and a pumpkin using different shades of Neenah Environment papers.




Guests trickled in through the night, including Graver’s children who made cootie-catchers with fortunes ranging from, “You will be fat,” to “You will win the lottery.” (Hopefully you get fat after you win the lottery, then it’s all good.) Graver says she will continue to have these monthly meet-ups to not only refresh her team’s creative juices, but for the fun conversations and budding friendships that happen around a table full of people working with their hands. “The best part of craft night is seeing our friends, staff, and clients in a whole new light. We can relate to them in a different way than we do in our day job. We can laugh, share, drink Sangria, and get crafty.”



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