Guess Who Makes an Appearance at Design Camp

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There’s something special about a retreat or conference secluded far enough away that everyone is forced to stay in the group. And from my encounters, a lot more people travelled here alone than I expected. But there is no better place to meet new friends than at times like this. Design Camp, so far, is really living up to the reputation.

Northern Minnesota is also living up to it’s October reputation – absolutely gorgeous, cold, and with a lot of wind.


Right after Armin Vit left the stage yesterday, we got a quadcopter demonstration. Originally planned to be right outside to do an arial photo and video of the attendees, wind changed it to an indoor event.


Outside the ballroom, someone has modified an old ‘Guess Who?’ board game into something more appropriate for the audience…


…and I am going to just guess it’s Proxima Nova. Not only does this event have a great selection of main stage speakers, but even the breakout workshops are being held by great designers such as Mark Simonson. Pictured is me at right, with the creator of Proxima Nova.


The #NeenahSecret is hiding in plain sight at the exhibition hall. Find out how to follow, and well, still not sure I can talk about the Secret Paper Society.


When you only have the exhibition hall open for two hours, it can get a little crazy. Neenah was promoting the updated Environment line.


Three letterpress shops present at the exhibition hall? Minneapolis does some amazing printing. Above are samples from Spark Letterpress, which recently moved from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis, shows samples of their terrific work.


The bonfire was called off due to winds (here’s hoping tonight’s still happens), but the pub was packed with karaoke. Above, Jay Larson does his best Jim Morrison. I only regret calling it a day just before Armin Vit decided he was James Hatfield

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    Matt Porter said:

    Terrific lead image. That REALLY caught my attention. I want to be there, I want to be there!!!

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    Thanks Matt. It warmed up to the 41 degrees today. The photo from this one is way colder than it looks, but still totally worth the views.