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Menu Design à la Carte and by The Book

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Neenah Whets Creative Appetites

With This New Reference Tool

Menu Design is a lavishly illustrated book that is literally made to order for designers, whether you design menus or not. It makes for delicious reading, serving up fresh insights from renowned menu engineer Gregg Rapp []. It also presents a tactile buffet of printing and bindery techniques, all produced on CLASSIC® Papers from Neenah.

Menu Design Fore Edge

Textures, tip-ons and a trio of menus (in handy pockets).
Photo©2014 StudioAlex.

To update a previous exploration of this topic, Neenah commissioned Ellie McKenzie of Farmhouse Design [] and Gregg Rapp to team up with Fey Printing []. Let us whet your appetite for what Menu Design has to offer, and then we’ll tell you how to order your own complimentary copy.

Index Shot

Tantalizing, tactile and totally practical: Design elements,
menu engineering, and detailed production tips. Photo©2014 StudioAlex.

The book’s subtitle is How to increase your revenue & refine your brand. Rapp reveals why what goes where—in other words, an item’s location, location, location on the page—is key to what patrons order and to a restaurant’s bottom line. Rapp, who advises restaurant groups across the country about maximizing profits through menu design, also shares his thoughts about typography for prices, including why he is anti-dollar sign. As for those dotted lines some restaurants run across the page to connect item descriptions to prices, they drive Rapp downright dotty.

image 4

A cool duotone of silver and black served up on CLASSIC® Linen White Pearl;
a hot little insert featuring copper spectrum foil over CMYK.

Menu Design also showcases advances in printing technology on uncoated paper. Fey Printing demonstrates CMYK as well as spot colors—from a double hit of opaque white for fairly fine type to a metallic silver big fish—and various varnishes. Fey printed several pages and an array of canapé-sized inserts on a digital press, minimizing set-up time and spoilage.

image 5

Specialty menu indeed: The cover (CLASSIC COLUMNS® Epic Black)
of this fully-produced wine list features an abstract hairline design
in silver foil and a tip-on with silver engraving.

Rapp is a big fan of wine lists that set the tone for the beverage experience. An elegant cellar deserves an elegant presentation that invites leisurely browsing. And, speaking of browsing, you can read more [] about Menu Design in the September issue of GraphicDesign USA [].

image 6

Menu Design is destined to become a classic— 
a go-to reference for information as well as inspiration.

Menu Design is yours for the asking. Contact your Neenah rep or your Neenah merchant for your complimentary copy. Bon appétit!

All photos, except as noted, courtesy of Fey Printing.

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    Tina Arthur said:

    Hello there. How can I purchase the Menu Design book by Alyson Kuhn? I can’t seem to find it on anyone’s website for purchase. Thank you, Tina

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    Is it possible to get a copy of the Neenah menu design mailed to me? I would be grateful if you could let me know how to order one.


    Amanda Maslany

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    Matt Porter said:

    Amanda, Sorry for the delay in reply. These kinds of promotions can be ordered on line on the Neenah website or through any of the local paper merchants in your area. They love it when an individual expresses particular interest in a paper promotion. If you tell us WHERE you live we can direct you to the Neenah Paper rep or merchant in your area. Or, simply call Neenah Customer Service:
    Internet Orders/Information: 1-800-558-5061
    Distributor Customer Service Number (U.S.) 1-800-558-5061
    A good real person can help you. The Editors