Envelope Enlightenment from the ‘Land of Enchantment’

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Desert Paper and Envelope
Reflects The Ethos of New Mexico

This envelope sizing kit from Desert Paper and Envelope is a uniquely useful tool
for designers, and it evokes not only this Neenah distributor’s products,
but also its home state and business philosophy.

Don’t know your A6 from your #9? Your Monarch from your Check Size? Does choosing between an Announcement size and a Square provoke envelope anxiety? Need an eye-catching custom enclosure in a specific stock? There’s a lot to know about envelopes. Your local printer may not have the knowledge, and most envelope converters lose interest if your order isn’t for multiples of thousands.

Desert Paper and Envelope in New Mexico put its expertise to work in a unique envelope sizing kit that deserves a permanent place on the shelf of anyone who has occasion to spec envelopes. The kit takes you far enough down the path to ask informed questions. And not only does it provide samples and dimensions, it comes with a transparent sizing tool that allows fast identification of whatever standard envelope you have in hand.


Place a standard envelope beneath the transparent sheet
in the sizing kit, and you can instantly identify it.

New Mexico has surprising diversity in arts and industries that support the creative community. And Desert Paper and Envelope, a Neenah paper distributor for the state, has carved out a thriving niche in envelope conversion, with a large inventory of standard envelopes and the ability to custom manufacture almost any envelope from the stock of your dreams.

In-house Design, for the Wider World
Margeaux Anderson, special projects manager for Albuquerque-based Desert Paper, says they designed the piece in-house and worked with our friends at to distribute it initially.

“The kit took us about a year to design and put together,” she says. “We sent out about 600 of the kits nationwide; for us, that’s a lot. With New Mexico being a small state, we’re of course interested in serving customers around the nation with our specialty envelopes. That’s our niche product.”

Custom Envelopes, Custom Paper…& Personality
While Desert Paper and Envelope inventories envelopes on Neenah stocks like Astrobright and Classic Crest and does custom conversions, these are not the only unique dimensions of this female/minority-owned business. It also distributes its very own Neenah stock: New Mexico Bond.

“It’s our most popular bond sheet and our customers ask for it all the time,” says Anderson. “It’s a 25% cotton archival sheet that Neenah exclusively makes for us.”

The stock is popular with customers who, like Desert Paper and Envelope, are proud of where they’re from and want a sheet that’s archival and permanent. The watermark on New Mexico Bond is the recognizable Zia sun symbol. The symbol appears on the state flag, its 25-cent coin, license plates and highway markers.

The Native American Zia sun symbol isn’t just on New Mexico’s state flag,

it’s also the watermark on Desert Paper’s exclusive Neenah sheet, New Mexico Bond.

Art—& Business Philosophy—From the “Land of Echantment”
The kit includes 25 standard envelopes printed in-house with graphics that reflect the spectacular wildlife of the state. The translucent plastic sizing sheet is screen printed in two colors with an associated theme. That demonstrates the company’s devotion to its home, and it also sends a subtler message about how the company does business.


The kit was packaged in a sticker-clad carrier of
Neenah ENVIRONMENT® Honeycomb 80C.

“Some envelope companies won’t service an order—or even provide a quote—unless an order is for 5,000 or 10,000 envelopes,” notes Anderson. “Our niche is quick change times allowing for smaller orders: 500 or 1,000 up to orders in the millions. We’re able to make a special envelope in a special paper, with a specific window position, a certain type of seal gum. And we have the capability to manufacture at competitive prices.”

The Primacy of Print
Spreading the word about their expertise is part of the reason Desert Paper created the envelope sizing kit. They’re also print evangelists in a broader way. The kit is educational, says Anderson, and it makes the point that mailed print is the most effective and secure way to communicate.

“Our overall goal is to remind people that envelopes are the most secure packaging for communication and are a viable and affordable way to communicate. If you really want someone to read your message, the best way is through a printed piece.”


New Mexican wildlife graphics are printed on
the sample envelopes included in the sizing kit.

How to Get Your Envelope Sizing Kit
A limited number of kits are available. Contact Margeaux Anderson,, for referral to a sales representative.

Desert Paper and Envelope is the nation’s only nationally certified minority-owned envelope manufacturer.

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    how do I get thus kit?
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    There is a contact email at the end of the post text. They would be happy to help you. Nice people.