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Skål! Scandinavian Spirits Exhibition in Iowa

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Skål! Scandinavian Design & Spirit Traditions Inspire Print Designs

Museum exhibitions can make for great print design. A designer can play with interesting content, cool artifacts , a good, ready-made story, and (usually) a client who values smart, effective art and design. The Museum of Danish America in Elk Horn, Iowa, is one such client.  This delightful regional museum’s latest exhibit brings focus to the rich traditions of Scandinavian spirit making and enjoyment with “Skål! Scandinavian Spirits.” Drew Davies and his team at Oxide Design Co. in Omaha designed the 92-page catalog and screen-printed poster (for sale at the museum bookstore).

Oxide Design - Museum of Danish America

Above: The exhibit features the beer and aquavit traditions of Scandinavia.
Oxide Design Co. created a custom logo and pattern for the exhibit and collateral.

Oxide Design - Museum of Danish America Davies at Oxide Design Co. said that weight, color, and texture selection was important to their design and print process. Oxide used Neenah’s CLASSIC CREST® Natural White 130DTC  for the screenprint poster and embossed catalog cover. Interior pages are printed on CLASSIC CREST® Natural White text [100T]. “We liked the eggshell finish because it has a subtle, tactile texture that we believe reacts well in print to give the poster and book an authentic vintage look and feel.”

Oxide Design - Museum of Danish AmericaAbove: Close-up of catalog cover showcasing the logo and pattern. The cover is embossed on Neenah’s CLASSIC CREST® Natural White Eggshell 130DTC.

Paper selection and design elements give the print a unique and modern look while paying homage to Scandinavian design traditions. Oxide Design Co. research revealed that off-white backgrounds are prevalent in the Scandinavian design traditions, so Natural White was an excellent choice for the collateral and poster, a limited-edition print on Neenah Classic Crest below. Oxide Design - Museum of Danish America Oxide Design - Museum of Danish America

“It is about making each piece something you would want to show off, whether by hanging a screenprint poster in your home or having the embossed exhibition catalog sitting on your coffee table. I believed we accomplished that.”

—Drew Davies, Oxide Design Co.

The exhibit will run April 25 – October 25 at the Museum of Danish America before embarking on a national tour. The catalog ($20) and poster ($38) can both be purchased on from the museum’s Design Store by calling (712) 764-7001. The national tour dates are as follows: Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle: December 4, 2015 – February 28, 2016 Swedish American Museum, Chicago: March – June/July 2016 Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, Iowa: August – December 31, 2016 American Swedish Historical Museum, Philadelphia: January – June 2017 American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis: July – October 2017