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The Book on Munari’s Books!

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Where E-Books Fear to Tread



Picasso once called Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) “the Leonardo of our time.” Munari made many contributions to world visual art history with his painting, sculpture, design, photography, and teaching. But his books are still revered for their innovation and visual language.

Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) made many notable contributions through painting, sculpture,  design, photography, and teaching. Today, his books are revered for their innovation and visual language.


Munari’s Books, released  June 23rd, spans his 70-year legacy. This is the first English-language monograph solely featuring Munari’s works, including illustrated children’s books, artist’s books, and educational-theory books. The book hones in on his achievements in publishing while examining in detail his legacy in print, from his pioneering work as a graphic designer to his experimental visual projects.

The monograph includes color illustrations featuring 60 Munari works, showcasing the beauty and technical ingenuity of his designs. An example is  Nella Notte Buia, a children’s book that includes a chapter composed of tracing paper with drawings of green grass and insects that were revealed to the child as she turned each page. It is a perfect study of imaginative power brought to life through design, paper, printing, and physical engagement. E-books will never replicate such a tactile experience.


Munari’s Books features critical essays and a wealth of color illustrations spanning over sixty of his publications, displaying the beauty and technical ingenuity of his designs. The author is Giorgio Maffei, an art historian who specializes in the history of twentieth-century publishing, is a curator of artists’ books exhibitions.
Munari’s Books by Giorgio Maffei
•   To purchase:  http://papress.com/html/book.details.page.tpl?isbn=9781616893866

•  9.4 X 6.5 IN / 23.9 X 16.5 CM 288 PP / 332 COLOR / 30 B+W PAPERBACK
•  ISBN 978-1-61689-386-6 $40.00
•  Media, please contact Steph Leke, stephanie@papress.com
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    Matt Porter said:

    What a book. You have to hold hit to believe it. Wish I could hold some of the real examples contained in this marvelous publication. Nothing like the real thing, folks!