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Take a Whiff: The Allure of Great Package Design

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Wink Reinvigorates a Nature-Inspired
Bath & Body Brand

Thymes has been creating beautiful, botanical bath and body products with artisan fragrances for more than 30 years. In that time, the marketplace has become flooded with competitors, all vying for the same customers. To continue building excitement amidst a stream of new brands in the category, Thymes sought an elevated, modern aesthetic, so they reached out to Minneapolis-based, Wink. Initially, they only wanted their catalog redesigned, but principal Scott Thares asked them about their heritage and what they wanted to accomplish with a new catalog. “We spoke about how the vision needed to evolve into a more contemporary look and feel. They kept wanting to elevate their brand presence,” he recalls.

So he asked them what they felt they were doing better than the competition. “They kept coming back with this statement that they create artisanal, botanically-inspired fragrances—in house—versus other companies where fragrances are created in an outside chemical lab,” he says. “Everything they do evokes a memory; certain smells take you back to a particular moment in time. So we said we should capitalize on that.”


The cover of the 2014 Thymes catalog, designed by Wink.

Following those cues, Thares wanted to take a photographic approach, featuring the natural ingredients used to produce the scents. Photographer Lauren Krysti captured the scenes that were carefully curated and designed by stylist Helen Quinn. Each spread in the catalog tells a story about the fragrances and how the natural ingredients fuse together to form a unique scent.


2014 Catalog Spread

The Thymes catalog was reenvisioned to go beyond mere functionality to become a new visual guide that sets an aesthetic bar for the entire brand moving forward. “In addition, we were able to utilize the make-ready press sheets from the Thymes catalog to create a distinctive and visually appealing mailing envelope,” he says.


“S” is for Scent-sational!

“When we finished the first catalog, it was such a success that Thymes took the visual approach and applied it to their website, and the same aesthetic was taken to trade shows.” During concept development on the first catalog, Thymes needed something to send to their sales team and get them reinvigorated. “They had all these fragrance vials and packages, so when we were on press with the catalog, I thought it would be great if we could use all these press sheets as a make-ready to wrap a container that would house these samples and catalogs,” Thares explains. The Thymes Prospecting Kit was born.

Thymes Prospecting Kit-1

Get With the Thymes

Wink created a distinctive box to house the 2014 Thymes catalog and information for sales agents, as well as keepsake tins full of consumer samples. Press sheets from the Thymes catalog gracefully wrap the outer box. This sales tool freshened the Thymes brand with existing retailers and introduced the brand to prospective sellers. Thymes never looked or smelled so beautiful.

Thymes Prospecting Kit-3

Inside Prospecting Kit, the 2014 catalog with beautifully packaged product samples in tins beneath