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An Eye Popping Pop-Up Invite

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Zero Regrets, S’il Vous Plaîts

Todd Thyberg at Angel Bomb Design and Letterpress in Minneapolis, knows a thing or two about combining the power of great design, tactile paper, and handsome letterpress printing. He does it everyday for his clients throughout metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul. His excellent work is regularly featured here, on Against the Grain (see this and this).


“It was all worth it: the highlight was seeing my fiancé cry tears of joy when she opened the final finished piece.” — Todd Thyberg, Angel Bomb Design and Letterpress, MPLS

Thyberg landed a recent project that he knew had to exceed even his high standards for memorability, design, and printing: his own wedding invitation. “When you do this for a living, you best make sure your own wedding invitation exceeds the highest expectations of your family, friends, and clients.”

The results? Zero regrets and an incoming catering bill that will ensure the Bice-Thyberg’s honeymoon at the Ramada Inn in Duluth.

“I’d always wanted to do a pop-up, and this offered me a chance. My wedding invitation took a long time to develop, and production required intensive hand assembly,” he notes. “But it was all worth it: My fiancé cried tears of joy when she opened the finished piece.”


Thyberg used a lasercut die because of intricacies required in his design. “A steel rule die simply could not allow such detail,” he says. The floral background pop-up and folder was diecut in-house. The entire booklet was saddle-stitched then wrapped in a belly band printed on French PopTone Sour Apple.


Eye-Popping Wedding Invitation

° Interior: CRANE’S LETTRA® Cover PEARL WHITE 100C
° Cover & Pop-Up Couple: French Construction, Midnight Blue, 100C.

° Belly-Band: French Pop-Tone, Sour Apple, 80C
° Laser Cut Dies: printed using four spot colors:

  • White and Silver on the cover silver
• PMS 295 Blue, 382 Bright Green on interior