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Lift Your Spirits!!

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New Label Paper Options
Will Lift Your Spirits!

Packaging is competitive in the spirits category, and paper choice can make or break the design. Consumers are naturally drawn to the tactile qualities of labels with specialty print processes such as letterpress, foil stamping, and engraving. Neenah has been providing top-notch label papers to wineries, craft beer brewers, and high-profile distillers for more than 40 years. When it comes to paper selection, Neenah is the toast of the town.

Maker's Mark2 500

Maker’s Mark® uses custom Neenah label for its premium Kentucky Bourbon brand.

To keep making new impressions, Neenah is introducing new colors and finishes to its label portfolio, giving package designers even more options for making high quality, distinctive labels that beckon customers to purchase and taste their product.

According to Neenah’s Senior Brand Manager, Ellen Bliske, “We’ve watched the trends and listened to the market demands, and every item we’ve added is a direct answer to what the market is seeking.”

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With the strong demand in the market for a brighter white label, Neenah’s added Titanium White to the ESTATE LABEL® line. It’s a brilliant 95 bright, and it’s available in 60T in the Vellum, Laid, and new Martele finish.

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The Martele finish offers a classic European texture with added tactile qualities, as illustrated in the label design above. This new finish is available in ESTATE LABEL® 60T in classic white as well as Titanium White.

Rice Wine 500

The Rice Wine® brand uses the BELLA® Label, Burlap finish
in white for the translucency and woven fabric-like, rice bag appearance it creates.

The Burlap finish offered in the BELLA® Label line, has a home-grown, rustic appeal that is well suited for the craft category. It is available in 55T White and Natural.

image5 500
Black is back on packaging labels. Neenah has added the ESTATE LABEL®, Vellum, Black 60T. This deep, rich black delivers elegance and style and well suited for package designs using foil stamps and embossing.


This portfolio can be found in Neenah Packaging’s new label swatchbook, a showcase of textures, colors, and Neenah’s Digital pressure sensitive label offering.

Lift Your Spirits!

What’ll you have?! To get a copy of the new Label Swatchbook, contact your local merchant or a Neenah representative. They will serve one up.