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Made You Look

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Hello: My Name is Stanley Stand Out 

Did you just blow a great chance to make a nice impression with a potential client? Did you hand them a flimsy business card that featured a logo drawn by your girlfriend’s best friend? What were you thinking?! Start over: First think about the kind of impression you want to make.  Superior paper letterhead and print business cards like this set from our friends at Full Circle Press in Grass Valley, California are exquisite examples of What Good First Impressions Look Like.

“We are printers so of course our stationery and business cards have to look great,” says Judith Berliner at Full Circle. “Our target audience is very discerning. So our cards have to reflect the highest level of quality in terms of paper, printing, and design. We have to sell ourselves to those who are trying to convince their clients to invest in the highest standards of design, print and paper excellence.”


First, Second, and Third Impressions

In fact, the best business cards leave more than one first impression. Recipients pass them around to others. So make wise choices in design, paper color, texture, and specialty printing. Make certain your cards, like the clothes you wear, are clear expressions of your character and values. If you market yourself as a provider of intelligent services of high quality, your identity and business card should convey the same. If they don’t, you might not get a second look.

Designer Max Specter says, “Any piece of design communication should aim for curiosity and intrigue at some level. If you can’t get people to notice, it doesn’t matter how fascinatingly kickass your message might be. It’s not easy to snatch away those few precious breaths, to convince someone to pause and invest a couple more seconds than they would have otherwise. So you use every tool available, and the choice of material is a major one. And of course once the piece gets itself noticed, the message should be authentic and the story should be rich and layered. So again you make sure that color, texture, and weight all help in the storytelling. One look at the Full Circle Press business card and you know this isn’t a normal offset printer.”

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Is your letterhead system a reflection of the quality and devotion that you promise to your customers?

Leave Nothing to Chance

Paper choice can communicate different personality traits because of color, finish, texture and weight. So the paper you choose is an important part of your brand message. Says Liz Theim at Full Circle Press, “Our identity is printed on two sheets of Crane’s lettra #110 pearl with three different colored sandwich duplexed sheets in between to match the three colors in logo (#110C, Pearl).”

The attention you give to your mission, values, and vision must be reflected in your most visible communications. After all, your next big client may be sitting next to you right now. Stand by your brand: hand them a well designed, well printed card on paper with character, texture and weight. “There is such a beautiful sense of history about Full Circle Press. Gold country. Letterpress. Old time attention to craft and detail,” Specter notes. “And not to mention, truly the sweetest, most generous group of people you could ever hope to work with. The art, paper, and printing all speak to these essential aspects of their story.”

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Think before you mail. Send seasonal and other direct mail greetings that make them pause, smile, and remember. The design should “inform and delight” in equal measure.

Made You Look … and Remember.
  • Colors evoke feelings and affect how people perceive you. Rich, unique, and complementary color systems have personality and appeal for both designers and corporate clients.
  • Paper Specs: Business Cards on two sheets of CRANE’S LETTRA® Cover Pearl White 110C with duplex of French Poptone 100C in three “flavors”: chocolate, spearmint, and tangy orange. Letterhead, #10 envelopes, and A7 square flap envelopes on CRANE’S LETTRA®  Text Pearl White 32T. 
  • Notecards (A7 + #10) CRANE’S LETTRA® Cover Pearl White 110C with duplexed backs of French Poptone 100C in three “flavors”: chocolate, spearmint, and tangy orange. 
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