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Loving Couple Loving New Orleans

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 A Fantastic Way to Say  “Love”

They Do! We Do! Do You Love, Too!? 

Sonia & Cody’s Fantasy Inspired Letterpress Wedding Suite

“It’s not often that I get to design anything personal, so getting married was really the most wonderful excuse to go all out and design something conceptually meaningful and aesthetically characteristic to my wife’s and my sensibilities,” says Cody Dingle on designing his own, luxurious wedding invitations.

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Of course, he did much more than that. He virtually illustrated their love story, designing a website for their friends and family, providing important details about their big day including an RSVP form, suggested hotels and B&Bs, and even a map of New Orleans (where they live) pointing out the different areas of the city and noting the locations of their nuptials and reception.


Dingle says, “Sonia and I really love creative, adventurous, and fantastical books (e.g. Jules Verne) and movies (e.g. Georges Méliès’ Journey to the Moon and Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), so we wanted to create our own imaginary world in this fashion.”

He illustrated his future bride’s favorite mythical creature—a mermaid, of course—in a Victorian/art nouveau style. “I would sketch out each component before moving to the computer and sometimes even go from the computer back to sketching in order to tighten up specific areas. I used a couple typefaces here and there, but I mostly hand-lettered or designed the fonts digitally.”


Using the same ornate Victorian style, Dingle took a more formal approach with their invitations. “I chose 120 lb. Neenah CLASSIC CREST® Epic Black and Bright White because of its wonderful tactile quality that works beautifully with letterpress.

“They were perfect for our design and color palette, and gave us the opportunity to utilize both sides and take advantage of the papers’ contrasting tones,” he says, noting that the black and gold are synonymous with the Big Easy, which was a secondary theme.


“Sonia and I aren’t very traditional people, so doing something conventional never really occurred to us. Sonia’s also a wedding photographer, and after shooting so many weddings it was important to her that we do something uniquely us,” Dingle notes.

In lieu of wedding gifts, on their website the pair asked that guests make a donation to “the betterment of the city we love, New Orleans,” and included links to their favorite local foundations. Every lifelong commitment should begin with such an act of generosity and altruistic love. Congratulations to the happy couple!